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AdultFriendFinder Review for 2023

Adult Friend Finder
9.2/10Our Score

If you’re looking for a good Adult Friend Finder review, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! I know you’ve been dying to know more about Adult Friend Finder and whether it’s some of the best dating sites to consider for your sexual fantasies. For new users out there, we’ll also give you a low down about the online dating experience here. So stay tuned and scroll down for more info.

First, What is Adult Friend Finder?

adult friend finder awards

People are easily discouraged from using online dating sites because they eventually turn out to be scam sites. But that’s not the case with Adult Friend Finder (AFF). As the world’s largest online dating platform, the platform has a vast membership base allowing you to find fuck buddies for casual sex. It has been around for a long time and is even much older than Tinder.

You can find an AdultFriendFinder app on your mobile phone or have it on your desktop browser bringing you just a few clicks away from cybersex and many exciting experiences. While other dating site platforms focus on finding romance, AFF allows online members via the AdultFriendFinder community to access “on-site activity” filled with erotic stories, naughty videos, adult chatrooms, photo contests, hot MILFs, and private interaction with actual real women (or men) for that matter.

Our Adult Friend Finder Review

Much can be said when using the dating site version of AFF. People might be disappointed since not many users are into serious relationships here, despite the many users the online dating site has. What you’ll get instead are female and male members who are looking for AdultFriendFinder legit NSA sex.

We’re quite contented to find that other users here, whether they use a free account or a paid member, classify as a “real person.” You might meet some fake profiles from time to time, but not too much to ruin our experience using this. For our AdultFriendFinder review, we give this a gold star!

How Does Adult FriendFinder Work?

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You can quickly access and use AFF by starting with a quick registration process that involves signing up with your name and email address (such as a Gmail account). Once you’re verified, you automatically get a free membership with its standard free features such as being able to see other members on the site.

Once you decide that you want a bit more, you can opt for its premium subscription (part of its fee-based services) to enjoy premium membership features such as the ability to send virtual gifts, use search filters, and have unlimited access to live member webcams to watch live streams, and better contacting features, such as search filters (age, location, physical type, gender, and sexual orientations).

The gold members in this app are the paying members who have uninterrupted access to exclusive content. They can also check a member’s profile and talk to them right away.

Is AFF Free?

signup page to aff

If you’re looking for a rated-X dating site that allows you to become a free member, then look no further than AFF. Its free membership is a huge deciding factor for people to use this because once you’ve gotten in, you can enjoy its chat function and find male and female members to chat and have fun with.

Of course, as dating experts would argue, it’s still better to be part of the gold member circle (i.e. become paid members) as you can gain access to plenty of great features that other dating sites don’t have.

Advanced Features of Adult Friend Finder

adult friend finder mobile and tablet apps

Adult Friend Finder is full of very useful features that would make your time using this app quite enjoyable and efficient. First off, it allows you to chat with members in the app, which can be a platform to arrange casual hookups, plus a full online sex academy to level up your fuck game. You can also watch live shows via the webcam models who are signed with AFF. You may also visit adult rooms which can be fun if you’re looking for like-minded people. The words “cyber” + “sex” have a deeper meaning once you’ve tried this platform.

To better appreciate what AFF can truly offer you, it’s best to subscribe to gold membership and seek out those extra perks on the platform. Additionally, it has a fun “purity test” to help you figure out if you’re a total prude or a freak under the sheets. To enjoy this app while on the go, you can download the iOS and Android app of AFF to your smartphone.

How to Enter the Adult Chat Rooms in Adult Friend Finder

You can join Adult Friend Finder and enter every adult chat room with close to 30 million members worldwide by registering in the app first. Once you’ve created an account, you can easily access any room you want. But to fully enjoy its services offered, it’s a great idea to avail of the gold membership (paid membership) so you can have fun and better appreciate its many features.

When you’re ready, the adult chat rooms can connect you to slutty members letting you engage in filthy talk any time you want. Just be sure to be wary of fake profiles and inactive profiles lurking within the app.

Safety and Security

security shield

As mentioned, one of the BIGGEST selling points of AFF in our eyes is that it is highly reputable. Besides the AFF hack in the past, the site has patched all its venerabilities. This is very much one of the biggest and best-known mature dating platforms, and it has been used by millions of people looking for a fuck buddy.

Just because it’s a sex site, don’t think that it isn’t also a serious business. All complaints and issues are dealt with swiftly by a friendly and highly professional support team, and likewise, every reasonable safety measure has been put in place to safeguard members. Likewise, data is never shared with third parties without explicit permission and all the terms and privacy policies are made readily available. Make sure to read the FAQ page as well for further information.

Who is Adult Friend Finder For?

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The great thing about AFF is that it is for everyone. There is a great non-judgemental vibe to the community (as a whole), meaning that you’ll feel welcome no matter what you’re into. Not only that, but with over 25 million visitors every month, you stand a very good chance of finding other people into that very same thing!

AFF is also home to members of all ages, cultures, and locations. Don’t think that just because you’re not an attractive man or woman in your 20s, you aren’t welcome! You’re just as likely to find someone here if you’re a silver surfer!

Of course, the majority of people using AFF are single, but that’s not even a strict requirement. Apart from the fact that you can remain entirely anonymous if you so choose (though you will need to hand over some details if you intend on paying), you also have the option to use this site purely as a voyeur.

Looking for some extra stimulation but finding that porn sites aren’t doing it? Want a bit of a sexy flirtation with a stranger, or want to call the shots during a cam show? Want to watch some homemade porn made to your precise specification?

You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here: nothing more, and nothing less.

This was the biggest takeaway we discovered during our review, and it’s what we want to communicate to readers: this is a great place to find a fuck buddy or to have a one-night stand. Many of the men and women here are happy to meet up on the same day. But it’s also a great place to watch, to read, and to let your imagination run riot.

Pros and Cons of AFF

  • The site is fast, responsive, modern, and intuitive
  • Over 25 million monthly visits mean there is someone for everyone
  • Great credits system that makes the site accessible for paying and non-paying users
  • Lots of means of communication, engagement, and self-expression – including some very smart and novel options
  • Reasonable rates for paid memberships
  • Easy to search for people that you are interested in
  • Secure, professional, and with a great customer care team
  • It has good features such as a full-on sex academy and access to the social media pages of live cam models
  • The gold membership gives you exclusive perks and privileges compared to the basic account.
  • A lack of hard data means it’s hard to know precisely how the balance of male-to-female users is skewed
  • Some features remain locked behind paywalls even for paying customers

Other Adult FriendFinder Customer Reviews

adultfriendfinder customer reviews

“This site is so much more than a mature dating platform. I’ve met 5 great fuck buddies through the site, and I use it solo several times a week!”

“As a busy professional, I struggle to find time for getting laid. Good news: AFF has you covered. I swear by this site.”

“I was nervous signing up for a hookup site. First time I did it. But I have had sex with over 20 beautiful women. Very good website.”

“As a young woman, I’m probably considered quite unusual for loving dating websites!!! Turns out there are more of us here than you might think 😉 Made to feel sexy and welcome, and I’ve had a lot of fun with some guys here. Great site!”

“AFF is the Facebook of hookup sites. Without the data mining scandals!”

“Love this site! A++”

“I love Adult Friend Finder! There’s a thriving LGBTQ community here and really good vibes all around. Perfect place to have sexy fun 😊”

Should You Use Adult Dating Sites?

Using adult sites is something that a lot of people feel somewhat apprehensive about. Perhaps you’re unsure what to expect from the experience, maybe you’re worried that you’re somehow compromising your values… or perhaps you’re worried that the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on there aren’t quite what they seem.

Should you be concerned?

Well, yes as it happens! But the caveat is that it all depends on the site. There are some extremely suspect online platforms out there that will scam you, get you speaking with bots, and potentially even cost you money.

But that doesn’t mean you should completely rule out the idea of finding a fuck buddy online. Just as there are several shifty sites that you should avoid, there are also a lot of absolutely great sites out there that can help you to have the time of your life, with no strings attached. And this is a big deal.

After all, what could be better than enjoying the ultimate sexual experience with a stranger? Then get to pick from a smorgasbord of potential matches; basing your choice on your perfect type to find someone who you can have a great time with.

The internet makes everything easier. From starting a home business to shopping for clothes. Even dating! Why not make sex easier and more convenient too?

Why let your dry spell drag on and on, just because you’re too anxious to find a fuck buddy in real life? And too nervous to sign up to a website and meet someone that way?

There are thousands of people out there who are looking for someone just like you to be their friend with benefits. And with Adult Friend Finder, meeting them is as easy as finding someone you like and shooting them a message.

What’s more, is that you can express yourself and engage with people in a variety of other ways too – from using webcams to messaging for cybersex!

The web doesn’t just make traditional sex easier, it creates entirely new options that can help you to find the satisfaction that you crave, how, when, and where you crave it!

It’s no longer a spoiler then at this point to say that Adult Friend Finder is a great adult dating website and one that we had very positive experiences with during our review period (hey, it’s a tough job by someone who has got to do it!).

But to find out more, keep reading.

Other Comparable Sites

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My Final Verdict on Adult Friend Finder Dating Site

On the whole, this is a great site for anyone who is looking to spice up their sex lives – whether they are single or in a committed relationship. No matter what your sexual orientation, your age, or your level of liberalism… you’ll find other people like you here and you’ll be presented with a plethora of ways to interact with them.

The best part of AdultFriendFinder is that the whole site is extremely professional and well made. This is a big, old, and well-respected business, and the brand is very well trusted and regarded in the industry. That means you can relax with your computer and your details. And all this stuff is much more enjoyable when you’re relaxed!

We think that adult dating platforms offer a glimpse at the future – where sex is available on tap for anyone who wants to have a good time, and where we don’t have to be so buttoned-down and hush-lipped about everything we do. The web is breaking down walls and making life easier, why not let it enhance one of the most satisfying aspects of being human as well?

And if any site has the potential to spearhead this change and to bring us screaming into the 21st century… then it is Adult Friend Finder. Packed with advanced features, and with an extremely secure policy, it’s a one-stop shop for all your sexual pursuits online.

That’s it for our Adult Friend Finder Review! We hope you liked this as much as we did in composing this for your perusal!

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