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8.5 is probably nothing like you’ve seen or heard before. That’s why I’ve taken it as my sole duty to enlighten other members of the adult dating community to unravel the mysteries that this online dating internet site has. So if you want to find out more about this adult dating site, make sure to read the entire article and join me in my review for 2022!

Why Should You Use

international members on alt com

Sex and dating have been some of the things that remained constant in this world. As both society and technology evolved together, dating online has started to become the norm now if you want to get laid, or just want to experience a romantic date, or explore other sexual fetishes. is a testament to this continuous improvement to online dating. If you love sex and dating, and your entire life is dedicated to enjoying fetish sex or finding a play partner who shares the same interest as you when it comes to becoming wild in the bedroom, then this is just one of the many dating sites you should consider.

It’s the perfect dating platform to uncover different fetish acts and test out what those are with play partners cost-free! I’m sure lovers of BDSM, leather, and rubber play feel like they’re in heaven upon knowing that a dedicated dating platform is there for them to fulfill their wishes.

First, A Description of

alternative home page for is a haven for people who enjoy sexual pleasures that extend far beyond society’s norms. BDSM, for example, is a common theme and interest among many of those in the current crop of members.

This is the place where you can feel comfortable letting out all your fetishes as there is no judgment on sight. This is even more so because it’s easy to ensure that the people you do so with have similar or complementing interests.

It’s not just about meeting individuals too. On, you can even meet couples or whole groups who are just waiting to enjoy some of the most intriguing fantasies with you.

One of the best things about is that it is welcoming to all who have an interest in the more extreme side of sexual encounters. This means that whether you’ve been doing it for some time, or you simply have the curiosity and want to get started, you are welcome into the fold.

The user base on consists of fans of all things erotic in the purest and darkest senses you can think of. No matter how strange you think your desire is, there are people on the site who are interested and have probably tried what’s on your mind before.

Such a community of like-minded people in this respect is a rare gem for the members, so it’s a perfect place for you to truly let loose without concern for how anyone may look at you. The best approach to take is just to be yourself, and ensure you communicate as effectively as you can.

Are there Active Members Who are Up for Casual Sex?

You can find an active audience who’s up for some wild and nasty sex with you, regardless of whether they’re free or new members. Both you and your preferred partner can do this by first checking the message center. This is actually under the community page where you can have full access to different features such as instant messenger for recording sexy videos, chat rooms, and live member webcams.

These are clear indications that you’ll find quite a few friends who might want to take you out for a spin and enjoy sex with you. As free accounts provide only partial access to the following features of, you can either upgrade your free membership to two types: gold membership and silver membership.

It automatically opens you up to special features that you won’t normally get in the free account. In my personal opinion, it’s better to have your member’s profile upgraded to become a premium member because you get to receive popularity privileges too especially if your account is strategic in utilizing this service membership offer right from the start.

Why I Signed Up as a Free Member and My Review

local alt com members online

I never saw myself as a guy who likes to get whipped, punished, gagged, or dominated. But I guess there’s always a first for everything. I was a bit hesitant when I first signed up for this online service not knowing what I’ll be getting myself into.

Upon finishing the registration process, I must say that it’s no different from another online dating service you’d find like Tinder or Bumble. But while it operates and has the same features as an average dating service, I must say the imagery here is quite controversial.

As the days went don’t, I guess I got more desensitized and slowly understood who this is for. After all, having sexual fetishes is not so bad at all. I believe it’s part of normal sexual health for other members to explore their sexual preferences.

By the time I was talking to girls, I became more and more engrossed in the site. You’ll also see members access members live content, such as live webcams, similar to Facebook Live and Instagram live. It came to the point that I needed to upgrade my free account because the free features weren’t doing anything much for me. It’s what I’ve learned from both gold members and silver members.

I wanted to see more embedded videos, I wanted more access to magazine message boards, and lastly, I wanna send virtual gifts to particular models I like so that they can notice me more. You may also check out the fetish checklist link to see what the members here are actually into, regardless of their age group. Checking the checklist link confirms members’ attributes to make it easier for you if you’re going to be a match sex-wise.

From Signing up to Hooking up on Alt

signup page to has a very simple signup process that shouldn’t take you more than five minutes to get through. It’s a five-step process, and they are all mandatory for you to get started on the site.

Many hookup sites give you the option to sign up as a couple, as many couples do look for people to help to keep things interesting. However, being able to sign up as a group is much less common. On, you have the option to sign up as a man, woman, group, or couple.

There are some personal details to be filled in too, such as your body type, race, role, sexual orientation, and marital status. These details may seem unnecessary as you sign up, but they help people to meet who they are looking for.

You are also asked to write something about yourself, which clues people in on who you are. is fully aware that you may draw a blank there, so the site is kind enough to supply you with ideas using a website tool. Take advantage of it if you need it.

Of course, an e-mail address must be provided. At the end of it all, you must verify your e-mail address through the app’s third-party verification service, after which you’re free to contact members and go wild and have fun on the site.

We know that most users sign up here because they want to be free members. While the free access here for first-time users is good to have, it’s the gold and silver members who gain the most in the application. First off, they have exclusive and unlimited access to some of the services here, such as appearing on top of the search results, making them more noticeable to users. Being on top of the searches, contact is easy too right on the web page.

You need to remain honest about what you like. Also, don’t fake your experience level. Hooking up isn’t hard on the site, but if you pretend, you may be in for a nightmare of an experience.

Alt Com Features

alt com features page’s members have access to several features that enhance this community of extreme fetish lovers. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Compatibility – The site measures compatibility based on Zodiac signs, Chinese animal signs, and a sexual biorhythm chart.
  • Bling icons – These are custom icons that you can create or get from other creators. They help you spice up your posts.
  • Kink customization – This is where you can express and customize your kinky interests and find members who share your interests.
  • Search – has a comprehensive search feature that allows you to use various filters, such as online status, age, gender, body type, race, kinks, etc., to help you find the type of people that appeal to you on the search results.
  • Galleries – Upload your private photos and videos and view those of other members who allow you to do so.
  • Email Availability – It allows you from stopping members from sending you an email when you don’t match. You’ll see a shaded area in your profile instead of the normal email form.

Who Can Benefit from using Dating Site? members near you

As you may have ascertained by now, is not for a normal sexual audience. It’s for the more hardcore persons with unusual and kinky fantasies who are looking for like-minded people to hook up with and explore.

Unlike similar websites that serve specifically to a niche audience, say, furries, hentai, or other kinks, when you review Alt users, you’ll find that there’s a diverse population of members here who share different kinks and fetishes. This is a very encouraging platform for anyone to explore their sexual side and experiment and realize what works for them sexually.

It doesn’t exclude any group who wishes to express themselves sexually, as long as their fetish and kink do not hurt people or instigate hate, self-harm, or extreme violence, which would automatically then warrant a ban from the website itself.

Pros and Cons of

alt com additional site features
  • The user base is large and active
  • Great place for alternative sex desires
  • Many ways to find a suitable partner
  • Free members can view live broadcasts
  • Privacy controls are comprehensive
  • You can quickly access your billing history to see all your in-app purchases
  • Premium membership required for best features
  • The interface can get crowded
  • Occasional fake members

Other Alt Com Customer Reviews

Check out the reviews below from previous users:

  • “I guarantee you that there’s no better place to look for BDSM-type fun. I can guarantee you that this is not one of the scam sites out there.”
  • “I’m writing this review one night after being submissive to a group of four guys I found on Need I say more?”
  • “My husband and I love coming here, as there’s an endless supply of people for us to dominate!”
  • “I was scared that people might judge me here for the things that I like to do in the bedroom, especially if you’re a woman. But I’m just happy that the environment here is welcoming and I’m free to do as I please and within reason, of course!”
  • “I’ve always dreamt about being dominated by an older female figure here, and I’ve always thought that it will forever remain a dream. But lo and behold, I discover and I’m able to fulfill all my dom fantasies!”

Safety and Security

security shield

Is a scam? This is a legitimate question to ask with all the cash grabs out there. Hookup sites are notorious for that kind of underhanded behavior, but is not one of them. Please check their terms and privacy page before signing up. You can also see their FAQ page for further questions and answers. uses SSL to secure its page, as well as e-mail verification, to ensure that members aren’t fakes or bots. The site is completely safe, as even monetary transactions are done using a secure algorithm.

As always, if you want to become extra secure or safe in the app, it should start with how you conduct yourself online. While the site has put in place effective security measures, you must also do your part in understanding what the risks may be if you engage in an online platform. This also means that you shouldn’t just click links right away and be more vigilant and careful when talking to different personalities within the site.

As long as you don’t veer away from the app itself and you don’t click suspicious links sent to you at random or transact with people offsite, you shouldn’t worry about experiencing any security issues.

Other Comparable Sites

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Comparable Site: Check out our review of Loveaholics

My Final Verdict

thumbs up to

There’s no question about the fact that is very good at what it sets out to offer. Once you have that passion and desire for BDSM and other specific fetishes, there’s no place like It’s a great place to meet new people and delve into your sexual side and unleash that wild animal that’s been lurking inside of you.

While Alt may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s certainly a place where some people can truly enjoy as they get to express their unique sexual fetishes and kinks. You’ll be surprised to find out that there’s probably someone who thinks or feels the same as you do when it comes to sex. And for sure, you’ll be able to celebrate it with them and, who knows, even explore those kinks either through a digital space or in real life.

With all of this said, becoming a member of is a no-brainer! We hope that our review has helped you decide better, stay tuned for more reviews like this in our next entries!

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