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Ashley Madison Review for 2023 [Men’s Guide]

Ashley Madison

Ever thought about experiencing an extramarital affair via the Ashley Madison app? We’re here to give you our completely free review as to how the Ashley Madison website operates while sharing with you Ashley Madison pros and cons to help you better decide if it’s worth it to use the site. Check out the full review on the affair site and continue reading below!

Why Use Ashley Madison Dating Site?

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What do you do when you experience a messy breakup? Do you sulk and cry? For us, the best way is to have fun and enjoy fun online dating sites such as Ashley Madison (AM).

Ashley Madison boasts cheating or having casual fun as its main motivation for you to use the site. You can engage with other members on the Ashley Madison site. If you’re someone who’s not happy with your current relationship (regardless of your marital status), Ashley Madison lets you dabble into extramarital affairs and continue to stay anonymous while doing this.

First, What is Ashley Madison

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Founded in 2001, Ashley Madison makes hooking up and having affairs quick and easy. Once you’ve registered, you can send virtual gifts, uncover private photos, and engage in a free chat with Ashley Madison users.

Ashley Madison works by introducing you to real women who can give you a great time. You might ask, “Does Ashley Madison work?” Yes, but if you’re a prude, you might have better chances on other dating platforms.

How to Create Ashley Madison Account?

It’s easy to create an Ashley Madison profile. Similar to many dating websites, you just go to the browser or install the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, then sign up. You just need to register using your email, username, and password and you’re good to go.

You can then create your profile by inputting personal details, such as your profile picture as with any dating service. To fully utilize the dating website and its features, you can opt for the Ashley Madison subscription. You can spend money and purchase credits to use for buying virtual gifts you can share with members you like. You can even unlock the priority mail feature which lets you appear on top of the user’s inbox to ensure that they see your message.

All you need to do is go to the Ashley Madison home screen and choose “buy credits.”

My Experience and Ashley Madison Review

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As this site is free for women, with free guest membership for men, I decided to give this a try. After all, Ashley Madison is more popular than most dating sites.

What I liked right away is the very handy travel feature this affair site has. Since it has a desktop and mobile app comparable to other hookup sites like Victoria Milan, you can use it on whichever platform you like. Right away, you can see the top users in the search results, and if you fancy them, you can quickly reach out to other members.

While there may be fake profiles lurking here in there, it didn’t bother me that much from my experience in using the app.

You may ask, “How much does Ashley Madison cost?” It’s pretty expensive if I’m being honest as AM relies on a credit system. Purchasing credits to buy gifts or to have premium services will require getting more credits, and of course, credit costs a lot of money. Just remember that there’s an additional member-initiated contact fee should you decide to make buy credit.

But is Ashley Madison worth it? I’d say yes because you get the most out of the app, and instead of a subscription model that you maintain monthly or yearly, the credit system allows you to buy what you only need.

You can check the AM blog or contact the customer service team to find out more info.

Features of Ashley Madison

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You shouldn’t let that simplicity in design fool you. There are a lot of great features here, which include all the usual tools such as IM, chat, messaging, and a call option. It also lets you create extremely detailed profiles that can contain all the information that you might need to share on a site like this.

Other useful features include a baked-in feedback section, as well as the ability to see who has viewed your profile.

This is the best kind of minimalism – everything you need and nothing you don’t, presented in a manner that you can instantly understand.

Of course, what’s most important for a site like Ashley Madison, is that it be private and secure. If you are using the site, you are likely doing so because you want to be discrete. We’ll talk about this more in an upcoming section, but suffice to say that if privacy and confidentiality are important to you – Ashley Madison has you covered.

So, Ashley Madison comes packed with all of the features that you might need for a fully functioning dating site. This is very welcome news for users, as it means that you aren’t making a compromise to gain the privacy you’re looking for.

There is a very real risk with adultery sites that you end up being forced to avoid the biggest and most popular sites (like Tinder) because you need that privacy. You then end up using a second-rate product that is lacking many of the quality-of-life features that other people get to enjoy!

But with Ashley Madison, you get all those tools and more.

From Sign Up to Being an Ashley Madison Member

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The sign-up process here is as easy as it gets, thwarting any doubts and suspicions such as “Is Ashley Madison legit?” You can register with your preferred username, email address, and password. It’s worth noting that you have control over how much personal information, such as personal or financial details (i.e. your credit card), you can share when creating an Ashley Madison free account.

Once you’ve established your profile, you have the option to buy credits which you can use when transacting or connecting with other members in the online dating app. Therefore, you must have your credit card ready and always check your credit card bill before it balloons fast due to your spending (which may vary depending on your usage).

Safety and Security

Another question that comes to mind would be, “Is Ashley Madison safe compared to other sites?” We can say it’s improved by a great deal. Following the Ashley Madison safety mishap and data breach that happened in 2015, the site has leveled up its security measures.

You can now find that there are a lot of improved security and safety measures that the web is using. Take for example, when you send winks, there’s a private showcase key option that’s handy most of the time.

Confidentiality is ensured thanks to features like member identification through the backend of the system using profile IDs – not a username. This keeps fields starred out, and that information is likewise hidden from other users.

In short, you don’t need to keep typing in your email address – and you never need to tell someone your name unless you want to. Why not choose a sexy pseudonym?

You should also beware of fake users or fake profiles during your time here to avoid being scammed by unwanted personalities.

Ashley Madison uses industry-standard security features like SSL and the strongest data encryption for personal information that you’re likely to find. It also makes several other smart decisions. For example, the app uses a discrete icon so it won’t stand out in your app drawer, and has biometric security features.

Likewise, you won’t receive emails that could land you in trouble. All these things ensure that you can date on your terms. They’re features that can benefit someone who isn’t even that concerned about their privacy!

The site is also run by a very respectable organization, that takes customer service extremely seriously. Our experiences with the team have been nothing but positive. Check out their FAQ page. Payments are rapid and secure, there are no hidden costs, and they take complaints and reports extremely seriously. You can always get in touch with someone quickly, who will address your concerns quickly and discretely.

Pros and Cons of AshleyMadison

  • Excellent confidentiality features
  • Very secure
  • Trusted company and well-known brand
  • Excellent sense of security
  • Easy UI
  • Good value for money (for more advanced features)
  • No automatic matching features
  • Still no accounting for human error. Leave the tab open on your computer? That’s on you!

Other Customer Reviews of Ashley Madison

“I’ve had nothing but great experiences on Ashley Madison, it has expanded my sexual horizons. Thank you!”

“This site has given me the best time of my life and I am eternally grateful. Should have done it sooner.”

“Simple. Sexy. Fun. Great place to find someone to fool around with.”

“I was a bit nervous to use this site at first and didn’t know what to expect! The whole experience has been straightforward though, and you feel that the site is very secure. I’ve met some wonderful people and Ashley Madison did give me what I needed. I would recommend this site to anyone not happy in their current situation. It’s a real-life saver.”

“My husband and I used Ashley Madison to find another couple looking for casual hookups. We had an AMAZING time ;-)”

Other Comparable Sites

Comparable Site: Check out our review of Heated Affairs

Comparable Site: Check out our review of Victoria Milan

Final Verdict

thumbs up

While the thought of using an adultery site might fill you with anxiety, that anxiety can quickly turn to anticipation and excitement. This site helps to remove those nerves thanks to its simple design, tons of great features, a strong sense of community, and very reliable team.

If you are going to use a discrete dating site, you need to be able to trust the systems in place, and the company behind the tool. You can trust this site, and we think you’ll have a great time as long as you go in with an open mind and a willingness to meet new people.

Overall, it’s one of the best dating sites out there, and certainly the best for dating discreetly and in private. We think you’ll have a blast! That’s it for our Ashley Madison review and thank you for dropping by!

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