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Be2 Review for 2023

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If you enjoy engaging conversations, then the be2 app must be what you’re looking for! Over million registered members trust this site’s scientific approach and rely on this online dating step to help them find truly suitable individuals for a potentially loving relationship. Sounds interesting? Then read on if this is the right online dating site for you.

First, Why Use Be2?

be2 signup form

Recent magazine articles have shown that people are looking for something more than just a fling. That’s why matchmaking services such as be2 help you get the best matches with authentic people with serious intentions–female, male, it doesn’t matter.

You can find your ideal partner here while having full control of the app while finding that right person from other major urban centers near your area. It helps you find better matchmaking good balance by first letting you take a free personality test which would help you determine your attributes on the dating site.

What is Be2?

be2 profile matches

Be2 is a European-based hookup network that is dedicated to helping its members find their ideal matches. It can do this because of the diversity of its current user base in areas such as gender, age, and sexual preferences.

This is also one of those rare sites where most of the user base is female. The margin is not a very large one, but it’s still an indication of the level of variety that is present on the site.

There are currently about 800,000 members on the site, and over 30,000 of these people are active daily.

How to Create your Own Personal Online Dating Profile in Be2?

The journey to finding potential partners start as you create an account. But before that, you need to take a personality test and fill out other personal details. Once you get the personality test results, it will help you assess who you’re a great fit for when finding an amazing woman or a really lovely lady, giving you the chance to discover common interests and eventually form a meaningful relationship.

Is Be2 a Serious Online Dating Site?

Be2 is more than just any other online dating platform. It allows you to meet up with people at your own pace. Instead of hookups or casual fun, the matches relevant to free members are based on your similarities. It’s not fast-paced, unlike hookup apps, because the site helps you in the hopes of one day having a serious relationship.

But like any other online dating site, it has video calling, personal messages, and lets you access comprehensive profiles. But as mentioned earlier, you’ll appreciate the app better through the matches tailored to you.

My Experience and Be2 Review

be2 user profile

As a guy, casual sex is in my bloodstream. That’s why a face-to-face meeting should always include some hot action to seal the deal. However, upon using this app, things are a little bit different than what I’m used to.

I had to take a personality test once I finished registering. And once I did, I’m now led to a member profile through the matches tailored to my profile. They were not joking when they said that people here are looking for people with serious intentions, so hooking up on the fly is out of the question.

While I’m not fond of dates and serious relationships, I still gave this app a chance. It’s gonna be a challenge to hook up with someone because they need to first trust you, compared to other sites that let you connect with people right away.

After browsing one member profile after the other by enabling the search criteria, I was able to browse girls’ profiles and view their sample photos. I did send messages to them, but the conversation was very honest and wholesome.

I have to admit, most of the people here are nice, and it’s also a pleasant change to not always be on the prowl for sex. I think I was slowly starting to adapt and get used to this type of dating site.

Before connecting with someone via a personal message, you have to first learn more about the video call feature. The brand new video calling option for be2 allows you to connect with anyone, whether they’re free or premium members. But you need to first make sure that they are included in your match list as they are given top priority there.

The site’s new feature: video call, makes cybersex quite challenging. The other party would only engage with what they call a “video call date trust.” Meaning they have to first gain confidence from you even before considering having a video call with you in the first place.

From Signing Up to Hooking Up on Be2

be2 profile setup page

The signup process for Be2 can be described as efficient. It’s not so short that it collects three pieces of data, but it’s also not long enough to discourage you from entry. It works like this:

  • Indicate your gender
  • Indicate the gender of the people you desire to hook up with
  • Enter an e-mail address
  • Choose a unique username
  • Set a password
  • Complete a short personality test
  • Enter your name, birthdate, profession, location, religious affiliation, and personality and appearance details
  • Select a profile picture

That can sound like a lot, but it isn’t very long. Once you’re done, you can proceed to start working on your first hookup.

Be2 Features

be2 feature option

Here are some of the features that Be2 offers:

  • A mostly European user base for those in that demographic
  • Template questions you can ask matches
  • Personality analysis for matchmaking
  • Multiple payment options with discrete names
  • Photo galleries
  • Favorites list

Safety and Security

security shield

You can rest assured that Be2 is no scam. One of the reasons why the user count isn’t in the millions after so many years is the constant fight against fakes. Be2 doesn’t share your connection data with an outside party and allows you to have full anonymity when using the app.

Rest assured, you can complete your data register with confidence because the app has you covered and has all the security protocols in place to help safeguard your data and identity.

You also have no information selling to be worried about. Check out their Privacy and FAQ page for more answers.

What Type of People is Using Be2?

users online on be2

The majority of the Be2 crowd consists of people in Europe who are looking to hook up. There are members in many other countries too, but the numbers are less.

Be2 accepts people of all races, religions, preferences, etc. It’s very inclusive, so the personality types are many.

Pros and Cons of Be2

  • Profiles are complete
  • Amazing interface
  • Almost perfect matchmaking algorithm
  • Balanced gender count
  • Anonymity features
  • Most users are in Europe
  • Free accounts are limited

Other Be2 Customer Reviews

Here are a couple of reviews from Be2 users:

  • “Great hookup site for people in London. You can send the next photo to your potential partner and find it right away if you like each other. A spot of casual sex never hurt anyone.”
  • “A hookup site that does what it claims. Now there’s a shocker! No complaints though, as it’s made me a happy lady.”
  • “I must be the luckiest bloke on Be2. If it works this well for everyone, then all I can say is wow!”
  • “What can I say? The personality test worked! I was able to find a cute guy who’s really into me, and who’s not just for one-night stands. One Sunday morning, we went for a coffee shop date, and a few months later love emerged! Now we’re steadily dating and seeing where it goes!”
  • “I met this super lady one November night, and I’m glad that I did through this site! We were mutually amazed that we had great chemistry and felt like we were two peas in a pod. Nothing felt awkward or weird! I’m grateful to be2 and I’ll always cherish our first date that November night because now, my girl is now my fiancee!”
  • “Meeting guys here was very convenient for me. You’ll have partner recommendations based on your compatibility. I was using a premium subscription before and the automatic renewal gives me one thing less to worry about which is always welcome, especially for a busy gal like me. I’ve met nice guys here, so if I were you, you should register today and find those guys for yourself too! “

Other Comparable Sites

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My Final Verdict

thumbs up to be2

I think Be2 encapsulates all you could ever want in a hookup site in terms of features, the user base, and security. I recommend it for everyone, but just note that if you’re outside of Europe, you may have fewer match options.

The matching scheme is its most compelling feature, allowing you to fine-tune your options while making you available to the person best suited to your personality. Don’t knock it until you try it because I’m sure you’ll appreciate this very much.

While the app encourages serious relationships, don’t feel pressured into dating anyone exclusively. The site would still give you great opportunities to hook up with anyone you like as long as there’s mutual consent from both parties.

The moment you use it, you’ll feel right at home as you start connecting with genuine people. This app is one of the rare platforms where you can find someone without feeling any pressure to be someone who you’re not, which is a good thing.

As for my experience, it was a welcome change to get to know someone deeper before going to bed with them. It’s not really how I would prefer it, but I was able to get laid here and so would you! So if you’re curious to try it out, take this as a sign to go for it! Try out the be2 app today!

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