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The Best Cheating and Affair Apps of 2023

Have the terms “cheating apps” or “affair sites” crossed your mind lately? Has hooking up through casual dating sites been a constant obsession of yours? Dating Inquirer has listed the best affair sites safe from prying eyes.

From disappearing messages or self-destructing messages to hidden chats and secret messages, we’re here to help you navigate through your next illicit encounters. But if you want higher chances of doing so, check out the 3 sites directly below.

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Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder

  • Members Ranging All Ages
  • Free Membership
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Second Best


  • Best for Quick Meetups
  • Members are DTF
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Also Great
Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

  • Lots of Affair Seekers
  • Excellent Chat Platform
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The Best Cheating and Affair Apps for 2023!

cheating couple taking video on app of their passionate affair in black and white

Cheating sites and affair apps change all the time. Here are the current best!

Adult Friend Finder

adult friend finder icon for cheating app

Our list gets better with affair sites as we share with you the largest casual dating and social media platform for adults. Adult Friend Finder currently claims that it’s the “#1 Adult Dating Site” in the market as it has reaped several awards such as the 2016 XBIZ Awards, 2016 GFY Awards’ Best Dating Company, and the 2015 Winner of the YNOT Award for Best Dating Company—talk about an impressive resume!

Through Adult Friend Finder, you can engage in a live nude cam chat. If you wanna learn more about sex and the erotic arts, the Adult Friend Finder Sex Community is your resource portal for articles, and member blogs devoted to the glory of sex, sex dating, and much more! It’s the best adult social network there is.


fuckbook icon for affair app

As the name suggests, Fuckbook is an anonymous fucking and affair site that helps you level up your sexting game. How’s that possible? For one, you can chat with anyone within the app privately. It doesn’t matter if you’re just playing around and want anything that’s NSA, people here don’t mind because they’re just after having a mindless fuck.

Sexually-active singles (or partnered users) can exchange nude photos through its direct messaging feature. Register now and sext to your heart’s content.

Ashley Madison

ashley madison icon cheating site

The next step is to check out some of the top-rated cheating apps, and we’re starting with none other than Ashley MadisonThis site is the gold standard where cheating platforms are concerned. It’s affectionately known as “the adultery site.”

The site is packed with features to help married people and those in relationships find a little something extra. Some of these features are centered around discretion too, making it the ultimate cheaters app.

It also doesn’t hurt that it has a million members you can send messages to. It’s the best affair site if you’re also into “seeking arrangement” too.

Well Hello

well hello icon for affair site

Have you been thinking about giving dating a chance and dusting off your old dating profile and then taking it for a spin? Well, Hello! All you need is the Well Hello app.

If you’re feeling bored with your current relationship and want to spice things up, then you’ve got plenty of people to meet as it’s one of the hottest dating apps right now. It can be a simple flirting through [sexting] that you may incorporate to make your daily life worthwhile.

For only $1 for a premium account trial, you can give it a try and see if you’ll like it. But you should be wary when receiving text messages from this affair site as sometimes fake profiles ask for your personal details.

Heated Affairs

heated affairs icon for cheat site

We all know that heat and spice make food more appetizing and interesting to eat. We reckon the same goes well when it comes to cheating. That’s why a certain site such as Heated Affairs has been developed and created for the people and by the people.

The site was created by Various Inc., the prime mastermind for other creations such as and As with many of the applications we’ve featured in our vlog, it has the standard fare of features such as sending photos and videos and thousands of other users who are “seeking arrangement” or who want to fuck (48 million to be exact!)

Victoria Milan

victoria milan for cheat app

Have you met Victoria? If you haven’t, you probably haven’t heard that it’s some of the most sought-after cheating apps and is the best site that people frequent when they just need to feel something from a relationship that’s about to die.

As their site tagline goes, “relive the passion, find your affair.” Victoria Milan condones all promiscuous behavior. Victoria Milan has been mentioned by major TV networks, such as CBS, Euronews, CNN, BBC, and even the Financial Times, so you know there’s something abuzz here—especially when we’re talking about more than 9 million anonymous like-minded people who are currently checking the site as we speak.

It’s worth mentioning that it has a good ratio of female-to-male users compared to what even Ashley Madison is boasting about.


snapchat icon for affairs

Snapchat has been one of the most definitive messaging apps-turned-affair sites of the past decade. It’s been with us for more than 10 years and people have found many uses for it…including cheating and affairs! While it’s not your typical dating app, Snapchat can be used for this purpose alone. Snapchat sex is just one of the most exciting things you can do with your smartphone.

So how does the 11-year-old app do it? It’s pretty simple. You can swap naked pics and steamy messages with your prospective fuck buddy. It’s secured too. You can send as many dick (or tit) pics as you want since it has a disappearing message option.


signal icon for discreet affiars

Ever since Signal was released 8 years ago as some of the earlier chat apps in the market, it has been used by people globally. People can create a free account and text or call anyone using cellular telephone numbers as the main identifier. It works similarly to Viber and Telegram and can be downloaded to different OS platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, and iPhone/iPad.

So how does this add up to the whole cheating/affairs equation? As earlier mentioned, it’s one of those messaging apps that lets you share text, voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and files for FREE! The only downside we see here is that it’s very limited in what you can do compared to a real affair site.


coverme icon

While not on the top lists of dating websites, CoverMe has all the features you need to hide the naughtiness you get up to where cheating is concerned. We don’t think this app can have been more aptly named than it is.

The dating site provides encryption for SMS messages in the same manner that Signal does. However, it takes things to the next level with the introduction of hidden chats, anonymous contact management, and private phone call capabilities.


tiger text icon

TigerText, which was rebranded as TigerConnect, is the best affair site option that you can use to replace the default one you have. There are not a ton of features to discuss here, but the messaging app is amazing at helping you to cover your tracks when it becomes necessary.

This is because the app gives users unrestricted control over all communication that they send. You can remove messages from the conversation before or after a reader has seen them. Since the security features are so well-designed, recovery of deleted correspondence is next to impossible to achieve.

Are Affair Sites for Cheating Real?

sexy young girl with tongue pierced sending cheating video

It’s not uncommon for people to be attracted to others outside of their relationship. It happens all the time. And it’s even more common for people to find themselves in situations where they feel pressured into having sex with someone who isn’t their partner—whether that’s because of peer pressure or because their partner is pressuring them into it.

But there is another option: married dating sites. These are websites for people who are already married and looking to meet someone else—someone who won’t judge them for cheating on their spouse or making them feel guilty about having an affair.

Why Cheat and Use an Affair Dating Site?

leaked blowjob video from cheating app

We all know that men and women cheat. Check out the divorce rate in America, it’s stunning. There are many reasons why they do, but the most common one is that they are simply looking for something different.

They are bored, or maybe even just curious about what it could be like to be with someone else. For some people, cheating is just a part of life—and maybe that’s how it should be seen. After all, if you think about it, there’s no reason to feel guilty about having an affair dating site account when you’re not even sure if you want to cheat or not!

Do Partners Use a Cheating App to Catch a Cheater?

sexy and busty wife sending cheating video to her side guy

Yes, some apps can help you track your partner’s cell phone and see who they’re texting and calling. But just because an app can do something doesn’t mean it should. That kind of spying is intrusive and can be damaging to your relationship if you get caught doing it.

Instead of using installed apps to catch your partner cheating on you, try talking to them about why you feel like something isn’t right in your relationship first. If there are problems in the relationship, then maybe there are ways for both of you to work on them together.

Top Three Indicators That You Have a Cheating Wife or Husband

It hurts if you find out that your significant other has been hiding illicit encounters from you and that your cheating partner has been doing it all this time. If you feel like you have this nagging suspicion that your significant other has gone astray, there are ways to figure it out.

Here are the top three indicators that you have a cheating wife:

  1. Your partner’s phone bill is higher than it should be because she’s been making late-night calls and text messages to her “girlfriend.”
  2. She’s always leaving the house at odd hours, and you never know when she’ll be back.
  3. Your partner’s phone is with her at all times, even when she’s sleeping next to you in bed.

Why Do People Enjoy Watching Cheating and Affair Porn?

A lot of people think it’s because they’re jealous and want to see other people get what they can’t. But there’s another reason that is often overlooked: watching these videos is an escape from reality.

When you watch cheating or affair-related porn, you can put yourself in the place of the person who is cheating or having an affair, which makes you feel like you’re getting away with something.

The Top Three Famous Affairs

The whole world has always been shocked to the core when public figures in seemingly perfect committed relationships suddenly have their relationships (and not to mention images) ripped to shreds.

Here are some of the most notable recent celebrity affairs that have taken the world by storm.

  • Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo – It was in September 2022 when rockstar Adam Levine was caught in a whirlwind with an alleged affair with Instagram model Summer Stroh. It was one of the most talked about in the news, regardless if Adam was indeed a cheating spouse.
  • Ned Fulmer & Ariel Fulmer – Ever heard of The Try Guys? One of its main hosts, Ned Fulmer, seemed like he’s been trying more things than he should. The YouTube sensation has been caught by fans being too close with one of their staff in a club.
  • Bill & Hilary Clinton – Probably one of the most iconic affairs involving secret chats, weird behavior, and more than a one-night stand is former President Bill Clinton and White House Monica Lewinsky.

Dating Inquirer’s Advice on Cheating and Affair Apps

thumbs up to ashley madison

While you may think that having an affair through a discreet dating site or even the best affair sites can help you get away with your obsession. We still believe that there are many risks involved and a whole lot of cons to consider more than the pros.

Imagine living a double life? It’s thrilling, sure, but when you get caught, the trauma, shame, and chaos that ensues afterward will be a hard pill to swallow. It’s best if you think things through before doing anything you’ll regret after.

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