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DateYou Review for 2023

Dating is now as easy as pie in this day and age. Gone are the days where you need to literally put yourself out there to physically meet someone as you get the same treatment when meeting a prospect date online. For this month’s feature, we bring you a comprehensive review of DateYou for 2023, some of the Internet’s hottest dating apps of today, and let you decide whether this app is worth your time.

As its name suggests, Date You gives YOU a chance to date the person of your dreams and allows you to make long-lasting connections. It’s one of the most exciting apps that let you flirt, chat, and mingle with people wherever they may be… and perhaps even let you play the tricky yet exciting game of love! And with 30% of Americans using dating apps more often than before, we’ll continue to see a rise in demand for these platforms.

If you’re curious to know more about DateYou and how it fares as an online dating service, stick ahead and hear our verdict!

What is DateYou?

date you members area with profile boxes of members

As with any typical online dating site, Date You offers users the chance to find their long-term lovers, online friendships, and to some extent, even hookups(unless you prefer getting someone from some escort sites). You can find many types of users lurking inside the app—whether it’s for something serious… or a relationship that has no strings attached.

While the LGBTQ community is welcome to sign up and make their own profile, DateYou’s market primarily focuses on straight relationships.

Its global reach allows you to connect to people from around the globe, and with over a million users worldwide, you’re sure to meet the right person who’s the perfect match for you! Right now, you can register either through its desktop or mobile web versions—a significant advantage allowing for many types of users to register quite easily.

First, Why Use Date You?

If you’re single or someone eager to meet new people either in your city or from around the globe, DateYou is the perfect platform for you to use. Its main deciding feature for you to use right off the bat is communication. As you are connected to a global audience, you get to interact and communicate with different people, making up for an enriching social experience.

If you’re a guy who’s out to meet a nice girl to date with, be serious with, or just plain hook up with, Date You is your weapon of choice. The same goes for girls who don’t want to give up on dating yet but would like to explore their options without sacrificing going out—especially if you wish to test the waters and see what’s out there.

My Experience and DateYou Review

dateyou couples about to undress and have sex

As with most modern-day dating sites, signing up was a breeze. I was able to set up my account and profile in no time. Within minutes, you’ll be whisked away into the main UI, where I started to familiarize myself with the entire app.

When inside, you’ll find the inbox which houses all of your chats with everyone in the app, “visitors,” which lets you see who checked your profile, “likes,” which just means people who “liked” your profile, and lastly, a “favorites” menu, that includes all of the profiles you have pinned as your favorites.

When using the app, many visual cues are pretty easy to follow. They are handy in navigating your way within the app. The heart icon shows people who like your profile, while the lips icon shows users who sent you a kiss. Likewise, the gift icon notes users who sent you gifts, while the eye icon denotes users who have visited your profile. Lastly, the chat bubble icon lets you see who sent you a message.

Having these icons for me is a plus making for a generally positive experience within the app. It’s intuitive and easy to follow compared to most apps that I’ve used before.

With pleasing aesthetics and a well-designed user interface, even newbies to this website would find DateYou reasonably easy to navigate.

If you’re the type of person who loves details, you’re going to love DateYou’s detailed profile feature. There’s a dedicated “About Me” section that lets users share a bit about themselves so that they can give a good impression about themselves to prospective dates and mates.

Finding matches within the app comes in two ways. Either go through those presented to you by the app or use DateYou’s trusty search engine. The first option mainly features profiles based on your area. But do note that you won’t be getting exactly what you’re looking for with this option, especially if you have a specific set of preferences to consider when searching for your ideal date.

Suppose you’re going to the second route, which is via the app’s dedicated search engine. In that case, I must say the option is a bit limited since you can just filter your search with gender, age range, and location—that’s about it! My only gripe is that there’s no advanced search filter available to finetune your search. But all in all, using Date You wasn’t half bad at all.

From Signing up to Hooking Up on Date You

registration form in date you when you signup

As I’ve mentioned earlier, signing up on DateYou is relatively easy. When registering, all you need to provide are the following:

–   Your preferred username

–   Password

–   Email address

–   Age

–   Gender

–   Gender preference for your matches

After filling out your info, you’re prompted to your regular communication and privacy policy and agreements and wait for your account to be confirmed via email, which is done by clicking on a validation link, et voila! You’re good to go!

Once you’ve set up your account and profile, you’re good and ready to meet any potential dates or hookups to come your way. When contacting someone within the app, it’s worth noting that you can only do so using an in-app currency called “coins.”

Every new user gets a hundred coins, and while this sounds cool, it’s worth two messages at most since a message costs 50 coins right away. There are other ways you can profess your interest with someone—your language of love if you will. You may send virtual gifts, such as a teddy bear, which costs 60 coins. So the trick here is to be very strategic on how you spend your coin currency—especially when choosing the right person you fancy to interact with.

But once you’re able to get the gist of DateYou’s system, you’ll be able to mingle and meet with prospect hookup buddies in no time!

DateYou Features

members who met in dateyou started kissing during their first meetup

Here are just some of the notable features of the app that you might find worth checking:

–   Easy to use messaging system with a well-curated inbox

–   Virtual gifts – you can impress your matches and make them feel special by sending them unique virtual gifts, such as flowers, teddy bears, and so much more!

–   Kisses – a free currency that lets users show to another user if they’re interested in them

–   Safe to use with solid security features such as data encryption

Who Uses DateYou?

With over a million users in the app, you’ll find that 80% of its users are male while 20% of the remainder are female. The most dominant group in Date You would be middle-aged men who are 55 and older. The second biggest groups within the app would be 45 to 54-year-olds, and the next would be 25 to 34-year-olds. So you should expect that the crowd in DateYou mainly comprises more of the older folk—not many Gen Z’s here, I’m afraid!

Pros and Cons of Date You

a sexy woman member of date you on top of her partner while wearing a black lingerie

Before giving this out a try, here are some pros and cons that you should take into consideration before signing up


–   Well-designed user interface making for quicker navigation

–   Organized profile pages

–   Free 100 coins for new users

–   Sending “kisses” is free

–   You can create an account using Google or Facebook

–   The majority of users are from the United States

–   Easily accessible mobile version


–   You might find some reported profiles occasionally

–   No mobile app available yet

–   Unlimited messaging is a premium feature

–   You need to pay cash to send virtual gifts

Other DateYou Customer Reviews

a man and woman in dateyou who are in a relationship about to have some romantic moment on bed

Here’s what a few users have to say about their experience with DateYou

“While Date You isn’t as popular as most of the hookup apps out there, you can meet new people who you can regularly talk with. It’s fun and exciting!” – Sandy, 45

“There are a few girls in here, but if you’re not picky and you open yourself, you’ll actually find nice lady friends who’ll actually keep you company quite well.” – Duncan, 52

“I’ve met a lot of fun people here. It’s not as big as Tinder and eHarmony; there are actually nice folks you can be friends with and just have a fun time” – Kirk, 47

Safety and Security

safety icon for website approval

Data privacy has been a hot topic for most people recently. The idea of getting hacked or your personal information compromised is a recurring fear discouraging them from using dating apps such as this. Thankfully, dating apps in 2021 are technically safer to use more than ever, so that gives users peace of mind.

Users would be happy to find out that DateYou is one of the safest apps you can join today. With data encryption as one of its highlights in protecting your data, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data is kept safe.

My Final Verdict

thumbs up

I hope that with DateYou’s review for 2023, you’ll be enlightened about whether it’s the right app for you or not. But let me lay it to you straight: forget using Craigslist alternatives or generic fuck apps to find the perfect hookup partner of your dreams! Date You, in my humble opinion, gives you a great experience in a wholesome and appealing package—none of the seedy things you’ll find in most hookup or sex dating sites.

Signing up is a breeze and is one uncomplicated affair, so if you’re allergic to technology or anything digital, now might be the perfect time to reconsider your feelings and give it a try. Registering in the app is free, and who knows? You might meet THE ONE on your first try—anything is possible!

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