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Erotic Monkey Escort Guide for 2023Including Alternative Sites

Is Erotic Monkey legit? How do I navigate this site? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re reading the right article. Dating Inquirer is a top trusted adult industry reviewer and we’ve compiled all the information for you.

We’ve reviewed all the best escort sites including Erotic Monkey. After some trial and error, you’ll find success. Keep reading this blog to increase your chances. And if you want the highest success in getting laid, you should signup to these 3 sites below.

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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

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  • Excellent Chat Platform
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Well Hello

Well Hello

  • Members Ranging All Ages
  • Free Membership
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Also Good


  • Best for Quick Meetups
  • Members are DTF
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Erotic Monkey

Erotic Monkey

First, are you asking yourself, “what is Erotic Monkey?” Without the proper context or knowledge, the answers to this question can go downhill very quickly. You can’t blame anyone in that regard because there’s still the matter of that name.

However, Erotic Monkey is one of the best escort websites you can get your hands on. The slogan, combined with the picture of a monkey clutching his “banana,” drills the point home that you don’t need to be pleasuring yourself when this site has such a lucrative alternative to offer you.

Before you even do anything, the EroticMonkey displays the escorts or erotic massage parlor closest to you, so you can choose who you want to bang right off the bat. It’s very likely for at least one of these results to appeal to you.

Are Fuck Apps Alternative Sites to Erotic Monkey?

It’s probably hard for you to imagine how free fuck apps and an escort site exist in the same stratosphere; however, the experiences can be more similar than you think. It’s crazy to think so.

The only difference is in the other person’s motivation. One gives you what you want because you’re paying for the service. The other gives you what you want because you can give what that person wants too, the same “monkey” that you used only to spank.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Erotic Monkey

Kicking off the alternative review section is the infamous Ashley Madison. Before you ask, that’s not the name of a woman. It is one of the most notorious fuck apps on the market. Why is that?

Well, it provides a platform for married people or those in committed relationships to get some sweaty, sexy side action when the person at home isn’t cutting it. You can find gorgeous girls who you can have fun with, whether for free or for money.

Additionally, the site has built-in privacy features to help you cover your tracks if that is ever needed, especially if you’re moving from one city to another. No wonder it’s known as “the adultery site.”


Well Hello Erotic Monkey

The name of this one sounds super innocent. It can be if you want it to be since it can function as nothing more than a dating site. WellHello offers you the chance to have naughty fun too

There are numerous features to get you going, such as a highly useful search bar and site menu bar, a very impressive matchmaking feature based on your location and preferences.


Fuckbook Erotic Monkey

FuckBook is what you’d get if you turned to hook up into a video game and put it on easy mode.

Refer to the forum reviews on FuckBook to check if the girls here are worth your time and money.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder Erotic Monkey

Sites like Adult Friend Finder is one of the most popular fuck apps on the face of the planet. This one has been around for a long time, and it has a huge active user base, which means that there are always horny, hungry people who can’t wait to get all freaky with you in bed.

It is ridiculously easy to use this site to browse around for the erotic experience you want with someone, regardless of your location. Check out reviews on Adult Friend Finder to learn more about all its offerings.

The Signup Process and Erotic Monkey Guide

male teasing female over underwear after meeting up from erotic monkey

EroticMonkey wants to get you into action as quickly as possible since the signup process is shorter than any you may have ever experienced. This makes it different from other porn sites only three fields require completion.

You must enter an e-mail address, a username, and a password. Note that signing up is not required to browse the profiles; however, you need an account to view the contact information for a call girl.

Who Uses Escort Sites Like Erotic Monkey?

blowjob video of couple who met on erotic review

You live in a time when many things are easier than they were even a decade ago. No matter what you may want, the chances are that the internet can help you in some way or another.

This even applies in areas where you may never have thought possible all those years ago. Take your sexual pleasure, for instance. There was a time when all you could do whenever you started feeling heated was to pleasure yourself.

That’s where websites, such as EroticMonkey, come into the mix. The slogan, “Never spank the monkey again,” says it best. You truly don’t need to do that unless it’s what you prefer.

While there’s no denying that the site’s name instantly gives unusual vibes, EroticMonkey does quite well in achieving what it set out to do.

In this Erotic monkey review, expect to get all the juicy details and information on some of the best porn sites you can use instead.

Is It Easy to Connect with Escorts on Erotic Monkey?

This process couldn’t be easier. Once you have an account and you visit an escort’s profile, the contact information you need is right there for you. It’s that simple to find a source for a top-notch call girl.

Upon clicking the search bar, any porn dude can type exactly what they want, such as body type, ass type, or breast type. You name it. You can filter through the best girl that suits your taste thanks to its advanced search engine.

The Erotic Monkey site lets you hire escorts on the fly anytime and anywhere. Just click Escort Monkey’s site menu bar, which you can access from the “full site” version. It should be located at the very top of the page.

Will I Get Laid Using Erotic Monkey?

This is all but guaranteed, so there’s no reason for you to be too concerned about this. Remember, EroticMonkey is not your average escort site.

Remember that you get the contact information for the escorts, too, and not just from an escort ad, so all you need to do is verify that they provide what you’re looking for and you’re home free. Make sure to follow up on the site’s blog or forum for helpful tips.

You can also rely on reliable platforms like FapChat and OneNightFriend if you want to get to bed with someone you like.

Is Erotic Monkey Popular in the USA?

Based on escort review sites or even the newest escort reviews from forum users, The monkey character (pun intended) of Erotic Monkey makes it popular with Americans. What makes this a popular escort site is its advanced search and the effective escort ad you’ll see on the site, alongside awesome reviews about girls and escorts who are sex experts. Americans will emphasize in bold font how great sex escorts are and definitely worth the pay.

Are the Quality Escort Reviews Real on Erotic Monkey?

Upon doing some escorts’ evaluations, the profiles on EroticMonkey are all authentic. There’s no need for you to worry about getting an unfortunate surprise for your call girl sex efforts.

It’s important to mention the blog site’s call girl evaluations yet again. EroticMonkey is an escort review site, just as much as it is a place for you to find an escort. You can always look at what other people have said about a call girl before you decide. You can also check the site’s blog or forums section to hear from guys’ personal experiences of an escort monkey.

About a quarter of users find EroticMonkey a great site and think that users have widely appreciated the evaluations escorts released here are indeed helpful when finding an escort. The Discovery Channel-like in-depth approach in reviewing these beautiful ladies.

You may also find similar assessments in free hookup apps providing the very top reviews of call girls and escort girls. You can even narrow down your search with options like UberHorny and

Are the Profiles Real on Erotic Monkey?

Upon doing some escort reviews, the profiles on Erotic Monkey are all authentic. There’s no need for you to worry about getting an unfortunate surprise for your escort hookup efforts.

It’s important to mention the site’s escort reviews yet again. Erotic Monkey is an escort review site, just as much as it is a place for you to find an escort. You can always look at what other people have said about an escort before you make any decisions.

Does The Site Provide Erotic Massage Listings?

EroticMonkey delivers well when it comes to providing erotic masseur listings. Should you need a better, free discrete source when looking for an erotic massaging service, its safe mode feature enables you to continue safe browsing without a hitch.

It’s a website to look out for as you get to access erotic masseuses and masseurs within the city you’re located. You can save money if you opt for budget erotic masseur services in the many categories under its roster, and you can get to pay depending on the service you want.

Is The Escort Site Erotic Monkey Safe to Use?

No safety concerns are surrounding this site. The pages are all encrypted with an SSL certificate, which helps to prevent malicious parties from collecting your information. Make sure to read EroticMonkey’s terms of service and privacy policy before you begin.

Its advanced search function allows you to search for things that matter to you most with its safe mode feature and safely protects your digital footprint.

As far as the escorts are concerned, just read reviews and be smart as you make your arrangements. Once you do those things, you need not have any fears.

Other Comparable Sites To Check Out

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Comparable Site: Check out our review of Skip The Games

My Final Verdict

thumbs up to erotic monkey

EroticMonkey is an amazing avenue for you to enjoy a nice sexual encounter with a call girl.

Be that as it may, a better idea is to use one of the sex apps reviewed above. These allow you a better interaction with the person before your hookup and a more organic experience.

After all, this is more than just a job for an “Erotic Monkey” who also wants to hook up.

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