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InstaBang Review for 2023

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Ever heard of InstaBang? If it’s your first time encountering this internet dating site, then don’t worry. We have all the information you need to help you decide if it’s the best dating internet site to help you with your hook-up or dating game. Continue reading below to find out if it outranks the other dating sites out there.

First, Why Use InstaBang?

avn award given to instabang

When you’re looking for a way to make the most out of your casual sex life, Instabang is one of the online dating sites that you should consider. Why you might ask? It’s an actual winner of the “best dating website” award given by the AVN Awards Show making it a clear contender among the list of dating websites out in the market.

It’s an incredible website that makes hooking up a breeze and not one person who used the app have said anything negative about their experience here.

What is InstaBang?

app icon for instabang

Instabang is one of the hookup sites in the market for singles or couples looking for some hot and steamy action. Global Personals LLC owns Instabang and operates the adult dating site. While it’s not a familiar name in the online hookup space, it also operates other dating site platforms, such as “UberHorny.”

The InstaBang website allows any Instabang member to send messages to other InstaBang members and enjoy any particular service they like. The Instabang app is also your gateway to locate other users through its free features for some quickie fun or a fuck buddy arrangement.

Instabang offers exciting value to Instabang users, especially premium members, which allows them to enjoy casual dating and hooking up to the fullest.

My Experience and InstaBang Review

trending members on instabang

Finding dates and a fuck buddy nowadays may be tougher than usual as most guys (or girls) have virtually no time on their hands to go in a bar or some public space to meet people to date and hang out. That’s why Instabang helps people make the game easier by providing a web page platform for like-minded folks who are looking for the same thing.

Using it was pretty easy as I set up my Instabang account for the first time. While you automatically get an Instabang free account, there’s a chance to unlock gold membership and enjoy more awesome features that gold members get to use every time they’re in the app.

Some of the premium account perks I’ve gotten to enjoy include advanced search filters that let you filter the age, preference, location, and body types of users. The gold membership also allows for group chat, private chats, and direct access to public media, something that you won’t get to enjoy as a free member.

Once I was there, it was time to pound pussies like there’s no tomorrow. Of course, for girl users, they can also find guys who can fuck them great. Just a word of caution for you folks out there, be careful when talking to other users as they may turn out to be fake accounts.

I’m just lucky that in my time here, most of the people I met were either on premium membership or are paid members too. The variety of women here is also outstanding. You can meet mature women, cute geeky girls, and ultimate sluts. You can find something you’d like, especially if you check the trending now page straight from the home screen.

Let me tell you straight: the Instabang website is worth a try, especially the “service membership” feature you’ll be getting when you’re here.

From Signing Up to Hooking Up on Insta Bang

signup page for instabang

The sign-up process as you access Instabang doesn’t involve cumbersome steps. It’s pretty straight forward and almost any once can join. Of course, you must be at least 18 years, or of legal age to join Instabang.

Registration wouldn’t take much of your time because all you need to do is provide your preferred user name, e-mail address, and password. You can’t skip or fake this step because you would be needing to access the verification link with the customer support team would send you. As you click the link from your email, you would be redirected to another page, et voila, you’re officially an Instabang membership account holder!

Of course, to make yourself more available to other members, you should never forget to put a profile photo. It’s proven that most members, whether classified as free members or gold membership holders, will always prefer someone who shows a photo of themselves on the platform.

You can also upgrade your free account to a premium membership. The paid membership is great because you get to enjoy many exclusive features plus perks that only paid members to get dibs first hand on this online dating site. You’ll also have your Instabang membership auto-renewed once you subscribe.

If you want to message a hottie on the app, you better believe that you need to pay or avail of the premium subscription so that you can interact and talk to these people.

InstaBang Internet Dating Features

selecting instabang members feature

A customer may pose the question, “What are the different features and options of Instabang search?” The site’s combination of features goes a long way in determining its appeal. Here are some of Instabang’s top features:

  • Who’s streaming – Members have the option of streaming sexy stuff live. This feature lets you know who’s doing so and allows you to enjoy the action.
  • Who’s cute – You can decide how you feel about 50 profiles daily. It indicates which members you find attractive.
  • Swipe game – This is a paid feature that is identical to the way you handle profile swiping on Tinder.
  • Photo Gallery – This is where members upload homemade sex photos. You can upgrade your membership if you wish to use this to your advantage to make some money on the site.
  • Premium cams – You can view live cams with professional quality on a third-party site that you are redirected to.
  • Filtered post – it’s the best way to really
  • Free membership – you can join the site right away free of charge.
  • Group Chats – talk to more people and expand your network by engaging in multiple conversations with users in the chat rooms.

Safety and Security

security shield

“Can InstaBang track me down?” “Will its parent company, Global Personals, LLC, sell my data to third-party companies?” These are common questions I hear about InstaBang.

People are always worried about a data privacy breach. While it’s a genuine concern, let me tell you that InstaBang’s excellent fraud and support team handles these issues effortlessly.

InstaBang secures its pages to ensure that member data isn’t leaked to unscrupulous parties. You can view the terms and conditions and privacy page at your leisure if they help you to feel more relaxed.

You should also note that any transactions you do are fully encrypted for maximum security. If you ever have any doubts or queries or you want to find ways on securing your profile via the account settings, feel free to take advantage of the site’s incredible customer support system and FAQ page

What Type of Person Uses InstaBang?

new faces on instabang

Of course, InstaBang’s appeal is not for everyone. As you know, some people are casuals, while others prefer things to be a bit longer. Some persons can go either way, depending on what the situation calls for.

InstaBang is for you once you find yourself in a position where you desire a quick hookup without the need to jump through any strange hoops. The site-active audience here is all about sex and NSA arrangements, so if you are looking for a serious relationship, then perhaps this website isn’t for you.

The site is geared towards bringing you and a sexually compatible person or couple together.

Pros and Cons of InstaBang Dating Site

welcome messages on instabang
  • Straightforward sign-up process
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Mobile app available
  • The responsive and capable customer service team
  • Features are unique and interesting
  • Location-based matchmaking makes for an easier meetup
  • Prices aren’t very high
  • Support for couples
  • Existence of some fake profiles
  • More males are present than females

Other InstaBang Customer Reviews

popular members on instabang

Before wrapping this up, let me share with you feedback (review rating) from people who have used InstaBang:

  • “I don’t think there’s a more appropriate name for this site than InstaBang. I don’t put too much faith in these sites that promise a hookup and give you nothing for your trouble. Within three days of becoming a member, I was balls deep inside a girl that lives two miles away. I can’t argue with the results.”
  • “As someone who can be shy in person, I prefer meeting a guy to sleep with online. There is no shortage of guys on InstaBang.”
  • “My wife and I found the perfect girl to make things interesting, thanks to InstaBang. Now, here I am regularly sleeping with two women :-D.”
  • “Shy guys like me have a hard time making the first move, especially in real life. I’m just relieved that an app like InstaBang makes it easy for me without making an effort of going out to meet people.”
  • “I may be a girl but I love hooking up so much. InstaBang gives me pure joy whenever I use it because I don’t get judged for wanting sex. The people here are also nice too, so you won’t feel out of place at all.”

Other Comparable Sites

Comparable Site: Check out our review of Adult Friend Finder

Comparable Site: Check out our review of UberHorny

The Final Verdict

thumbs up to instabang

There isn’t a better option than InstaBang for the shortest path to getting the instant gratification of a hookup. If you’re not already registered, you’re doing something wrong. This is the perfect platform for you to act on your sexual kinks and fetishes with mutual consent to be considered at all times.

Navigation here is a breeze too. Even if you’re a first-time dating app user, you would immediately feel at home as the layout is intuitive. It also doesn’t hurt that you can easily see the members from the home screen so you know who to first start a convo with.

As always, we advise users to practice caution when using these apps. Although they are safe and secure most of the time, your protection is only guaranteed when on the website. So if you plan to hook up or meet with someone in real life, always know your risks and be prepared.

InstaBang is one of the best ways to find people and couples to get frisky with, and it is very highly recommended.

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