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Nudist Friends Review for 2023

Are you looking for a safe and enjoyable dating site dedicated to nudists? Do you want to level up your nudist lifestyle? Then, Nudist Friends is a perfect destination for you.

Like sugar daddy apps, nudist dating sites are a thing on the web nowadays. These websites cater to people who do not care about walking around without clothes and wish to meet others who enjoy the same thing.

If you are curious about Nudist Friends, you came to the right place. You will also learn how to create a Nudist Friends account, its members, real-life experience, the website’s safety and security, and more. 

Nudist Friends, What Is It?

profile page of nudist friends dating website

Nudist Friends was launched by SuccessfulMatch in 2001, catering to individuals or groups of people preferring a nudist lifestyle. 

People from the nudist community often struggle to find partners who can understand them. Then, Nudist Friends came into play, which helped fix this issue by connecting people with similar interests in one place. This dating website created a friendly and safe community that allows exhibitionists and nudists to communicate and meet up.

The nude dating site works in a very straightforward and intuitive way. Once you complete the registration form with basic credentials, you can start searching for other nudists. This site allows you to post your naked photos same concept as snapchat nudes, but not sexually explicit content.

You can also explore blogs and forums on the website, allowing you to meet other people and discover the best nudist hubs. The interaction on Nudist Friends is not only according to exchanging text messages but also through visuals. Some of the special set of features include Certified Nudist, Spark, Discover, Reverse Matching, and Dating Ideas. 

How To Create Your Nudist Friends Account?

the signup page of nudist friends dating website

Like in Adult Friend Finder, the sign-up process at Nudist Friends is quick and easy. The nude dating website asks for only a few information, such as your gender (man, woman, or couple), whether you are looking for men, women, couples, age, and email address.

After filling out the form, you will receive a short note regarding the privacy policy and service agreement. You have to click on the box to agree and complete the registration. Aside from registering with an email, you can opt for the Facebook account for a quicker process. 

You must be 18 years or above to use Nudist Friends. You also have to provide a profile photo which should be according to the community rules. The picture can be nude but not pornographic. The website team will approve the image first. Once approved, you can upload up to 26 photos or even create a photo album.

Lastly, you need to specify more personal information, like a short introduction that provides details of your hobbies, interests, or preferences. The website lets you change details whenever you want same us WellHello.

Are There Many Nudist Friends Members?

members from nudist friends having some intimate moments on their first meetup

After Nudist Friends was launched, it immediately attracted its targeted users. It became popular and continuously growing and developing. The website captures the attention of new users per day.

Nudist Friends currently has almost millions of members worldwide. The site even has thousands of visits every day. Most Nudist Friends users are from the US, but there are also lots of members located in Europe, Australia, and Canada,

This nude dating website mainly attracts people around 30 years. However, you can also encounter younger visitors who are fun of using Hookup Apps. The male members are 49%, while females are 51%.

Below is the age distribution of Nudist Friends members:

  • 55 above – 24 percent 
  • 45 to 54 – 37 percent 
  • 35 to 44 – 37 percent 
  • 25 to 34 – 5 percent 
  • 18 to 24 – 1 percent 

Most members enjoy and are happy with their nudist lifestyle. They follow a philosophy that values harmony and nature, and simplicity.

My Nudist Friends Dating Site Experience (100% Real Life Experience)

a woman and man member from nudistfriends are having showers together

We tested the Nudist Friends dating site, and we are happy with the entire experience. We found lots of features that helped us explore different things that match our needs. It may be challenging at first, but we enjoy using those features after familiarizing ourselves with the website. 

The find members feature is similar to Tinder, though I believe the photo-sharing is more comparable to Snapchat. I believe there are tons of snapchat sluts who are members of this site.

The website layout and design are easy to follow, and the tabs located on the top page are self-explanatory. We appreciate that the sign-up process is very straightforward. 

The dating chat and messages appear in a pop-up window. At first, we are not ready to send messages, so we opt to send free winks to members. We uploaded 20 to 26 photos. Members can also create a hidden album that other members have to ask for access to view. 

We tried the Discover feature, which is like an advanced search option. If members believe their profile does not get so much attention, they can use filters to discover profiles and narrow down the search. 

Your Security and Safety Compared to Other Dating Sites

security shield

Nudist Friends website implemented different policies to avoid violations of privacy and confidentiality. The website’s privacy policy is well-thought, and a team of moderators readily helps members prevent and handle misbehavior cases. 

The website’s terms of use also precisely indicate the purposes of the information that users use. In other words, everything that users provide, such as photos, phone numbers, email, etc., is only used for their benefit. The site does not sell or trade any information to third parties.

Their Help/FAQ page is also available if you have more questions.

Can I Meet A Real Person On This Online Dating Site?

sexy moment of a couple from nudist friends dating website

Yes, you can meet a real person on Nudist Friend.

This dating website allows you to search for other members readily. You can send up to 50 winks daily and create a list of favorites. 

Forums and blogs are other ways to communicate with Nudist Friends members. Aside from starting private conversations, you can also meet and talk to new people at nudist campsites, saunas, and beaches. 

Our Final Verdict

thumbs up

Overall, Nudist Friends offers a welcoming and supportive nudist community. The website will help you find like-minded people who can understand you and have the wiliness to discuss each other’s preferences and interests. You can meet international members, so finding the perfect match is easy. Plus, the sign-up process is quick and easy, and the website itself is to navigate. Take note this is not an escort site, if you want to find the best escort sites, we have a separate blog for that.

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