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Positive Singles Review for 2023 with Proven Tips

Living with a sexual health condition, particularly HIV/STD, is a cause for embarrassment and stress for most people, especially when they are treated as outcasts or second-rate citizens by society. Consequently, their confidence is greatly diminished, forcing them to refrain from meeting and dating new people due to their situation.

Enter Positive Singles, the social dating app specially made for this reason alone. The Dating Inquirer team is here to provide our unbiased PositiveSingles Review for 2023 and see if it serves its purpose and is a great social dating network for people living with HIV/STD.

Continue reading below to find out if it’s deemed worthy by our team.

Top 3 Positive Singles Alternatives

As this app is geared towards a niche audience, surely not everyone is keen on using the app for chatting. In that case, here are some viable Positive Singles alternatives for your consideration that you can use the next time you’re looking for someone to chat or hook up with.

Ashley Madison

Earning the spot of the ultimate affairs app is no small feat for an online dating platform of this magnitude. Launched in 2001, Ashley Madison was geared to be the definitive infidelity site, paving the way for Americans to fool around on the side.


fuckbook banner

Not to be confused with the world’s largest social network, Fuckbook offers a similar social media experience—this time connecting you with like-minded people who want to have casual fun. It’s definitely some of the best free hookup apps that are readily available for you to tinker with.

Adult Friend Finder

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This free sex app hasn’t been awarded the 2010 XBIZ Awardee for Dating Program of the Year for nothing. It continues to be a familiar name synonymous with hookups and NSA fun.

What is Positive Singles?

sign up form when you register at positivesingles

Positive Singles dating caters to a niche market for people living with STDs. These people are often treated as pariahs from the dating world due to the stigma that people have about their condition.

Individuals suffering from various types of STDs, such as HIV, Herpes, HPV, and many more, can get a second chance in dating and friendship in a community of people who undergo the same struggles as they do. This inclusive platform provides them a safe space where they are themselves, free from judgment or bias.  

Geared towards creating long-lasting connections rather than quick hookups, PositiveSingles creates a strong support system for these individuals and a community promoting a positive mindset and healthy & meaningful relationships.

First, Why Use Positive Singles?

positivesingles profile page

Before using the app, read this first: Positive Singles is NOT for people who condemn people living with STDs. The application is exclusive for people who show support to fellow individuals with the same condition and a community where people can create a healthy exchange of medical information and dialogue regarding various STDs.

This dating site is also perfect for people with HIV/STDs looking for serious relationships, be it platonic or romantic in nature. The STD community is active in offering support to people, especially those looking to be informed about treatments and managing their condition.

The app is perfect for communication and creating connections with people across the country. There are 150,000 members from the United States and about 50,000 weekly active members.

My Experience and Positive Singles Review

positive singles search member area where you can find single women

Right off the bat, is very strict when it comes to admitting members. Non-STD individuals could not join the app for obvious reasons, with an automatic suspension after 48 hours for unverified accounts.

While signing up and trying out PositiveSingles chat is completely free, you need to pay to subscribe to a premium account to send and receive messages within the app. At present, there are three subscription options available for people. You can choose either for a month (at 29.85 USD), 3 months (at 19.98 USD per month), or 6 months (at 15.99 USD per month).

You can avail of fee-based services in the app; some of them particularly like the chance to connect with an STD counselor via live chat or email. We think this is extremely beneficial, especially for people who are having a hard time processing their condition or those who may need additional mental health support to cope well with their situation.

As we earlier mentioned, Positive Singles is strict when it comes to enforcing its app rules. They have zero tolerance for bullying, racism, and any form of derogatory comments or statements left in users’ public profiles.

From Signing Up to Hooking Up on Positive Singles

a man from removes the underwear of a woman during their first meetup and hookup

There’s not much to learn about Positive Singles other than their strict enforcement of policies, such as an automatic suspension for unverified profiles within 48 hours or screening negative, offensive, lewd, racist content posted on the platform.

While hooking up is not much of a goal when using the app, you’ll find people longing for long-term connections, such as friendships or romantic relationships with people who share the same condition as they do.

Most users here may either engage you in a healthy conversation about many things, whether it’s about general sexual health, support, medical information, or other sundry topics that you can think of.

Positive Singles Features

We can assure you that the app goes beyond the usual free fuck apps that we see in the market nowadays. Here are some of the standout features that we liked about Positive Singles:

  • A free social app for people living with STDs
  • An active STD community that offers support to fellow individuals
  • 3 premium membership packages with reasonable prices
  • Advanced search in-app
  • Consultation with an STD counselor via live chat or email
  • Send and receive messages from users in-app (premium-only feature)
  • Free upload and sharing of photo albums in your profile
  • High quality of users with detailed profiles
  • Video calling function
  • Resources to sexual health clinics in the country

Who Uses PositiveSingles?

positivesingles couple being intimate during their romantic moment

If you’re interested to find out who Positive Singles caters to, check out the list below:

  • People who are HIV positive or has STDs
  • People who are looking for meaningful, long-term friendships and/or relationships
  • Individuals looking to have a strong support system regarding their sexual health
  • People who are looking for medical information and guidance on their sexual health and condition.
  • Individuals who wish to chat or connect with fellow STD/HIV positive members to share their stories and experiences within a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  • People looking for a community that will accept them wholly.

Pros and Cons of Positive Singles

man and woman from positive singles making love on bed

Still, weighing whether PositiveSingles is the best option for you or what you’re looking for? Check out our pros and cons below to help you better decide.


  • An encouraging community that supports and motivates people living with HIV/STD.
  • Reasonably-priced premium membership packages
  • Video calling function
  • “First Date Idea” that lets users gain insight into your personality
  • Consultation with an STD counselor via live chat or email
  • Resource of sexual health clinics across the country
  • Positive Singles FAQ containing all the information you need when in the app


  • Occasional slow server loads
  • Automatic suspension of unverified accounts within 48 hours and inactive members
  • The majority of members are mostly male at 70%
  • No free reading of messages within the app

Other Customer Reviews

reviews from actual users of singles

Curious to know the ultimate Positive Singles review from the users themselves? Check some of the excerpts below.

 “I felt alone at first and thought that my world shattered once I found out about my condition, but having a solid support group from my new-found friends within Positive Singles, gave me hope and changed the way I see myself and my life.” – Luther, 59

 “While I like the app and the direction it’s headed, I just wish there’s more balance in terms of the gender of membership as I notice that there are more men than women.” – Dani, 35

Safety and Security

security shield

As sexual health and, in particular, HIV/STD is a sensitive subject matter for most people, Positive Singles has made it its mission to provide a safe space for people to connect free from the prying and judging eyes of most of society.

The app is easy to navigate and is highly secure, thanks to the password lock provided to give users peace of mind and protect their identity. With a strict registration process, not everyone can easily gain access to the app. Its 48-hour automatic suspension of unverified accounts helps the app lessen the chances of accepting scammers or fake accounts.

My Final Verdict

thumbs up

That’s it for our Positive Singles Review for 2023! We are happy to know that a niche social & dating app for people living with HIV/STDs exists in this day and age when there is still a stigma regarding people suffering from their sexual health conditions.

The Dating Inquirer Team agrees in unison to recommend Positive Singles to people with STDs, providing them another chance to make new friends and connect with virtually anyone from the country. If you are scared or have given up on love or friendship, there’s still a glimmer of hope left in the world, and Positive Singles is just that.

We hope you liked our review! Check out our list of the best free sexting apps to help you level up your casual, fun game.

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