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Secret Benefits Review & Guide for 2021 [Free Access]

If sugar daddies and sugar babies are looking for a good option for a site that provides them with an open platform to find and learn about each other before they meet, then Secret Benefits is a solid choice. This is a complete Secret Benefits review, including a site overview, how it works, how to get signed up, user reviews, about the app, pricing, security considerations, and FAQs.

What Is Secret Benefits?

Secret Benefits is an online sugar daddy platform that was designed to help men and women who are looking for a sugaring relationship to find each other. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, the sugar daddy is usually an older, generous, successful male who is willing to cater to the financial needs of a younger, attractive female who is looking to be pampered and mentored. 

The benefits to the sugar baby tend to include learning experiences and materialistic components. The sugar, on the other hand, daddy gets to have someone to share various experiences with and to have as a companion. 

Sometimes these arrangements go on to be long-term relationships, and there are other cases in which things are a bit more on the casual side. Establishing these situations can be a bit tricky thing to do in person, so an online platform like Secret Benefits is a great place to go. 

There is a definite stigma surrounding this relationship type, so it’s nice to have a website that feels like a safe zone for the persons who find their happiness in this way.

How Does Secret Benefits Work?

The Secret Benefits experience begins with the creation of an account. Once this is completed, members can start to discover each other. Personal details, such as age, location, body type, and ethnicity, form a part of a comprehensive search algorithm that ensures that members get in contact with the persons who are most appropriate based on their tastes.

The distance of the members that you find can be customized, as you can be matched up with persons who are as far as 200 miles away. Typically, sites such as these have a membership tier system, where people can be free or premium members.

Secret Benefits does things in a different way, as all memberships are free. This is because things like instant messaging communication must be unlocked with credits. Therefore, any member that is interested in doing so must use the website’s storefront to purchase the number of credits that they require.

For example, the cost to strike up a conversation is 10 credits. This could get ridiculously expensive if it were something that needed to be done every time you wanted to send a message. Thankfully, this is not the case, as the 10-credit payment is a one-time fee that is paid every time you speak to a new member for the first time. Thereafter, you can always talk to that person for free. 

My Secret Benefits Review

I wouldn’t be fit to talk to you about this platform if it were not something that I had not used myself. This is not my first experience with a dating site, and the same holds true for sugar daddy sites that are a bit less traditional. 

I must say that Secret Benefits has provided one of the most straightforward experiences that I have ever had on such a platform. As soon as I logged onto the homepage, I had an inclination that the process was going to be a smooth one, but I had no idea how right I would be when I decided to jump in.

There is a free sign-up process that you must go through to become a member. I wager that anybody can finish the entire thing in two to five minutes. You are provided with a form that asks for a few personal details, such as your location, email address, username, ethnicity, body type, gender, and age.

Additionally, the site requests that you upload a profile photo. You may find this to be a chore at first, but you’d be surprised to see the statistics about how much more successful profiles with photos are than those that do not have any.

After I got signed up, I began to search for a nice young lady that I could share my wealth and time. I saw several of them, but then I learned that credits were necessary to get any form of conversation going. 

I bought enough credits to start 10 conversations, though I only ended up starting about six. The girls were nice, and they were all physically stunning. This was just my way of feeling them all out to see who was interested in something with me and who I really wanted.

After about three days of some fun back and forth with all of them, I made my decision, and I do not regret it. Who knows? The girl on my bed now may be the reason that I finally stop using these sites. 

How to Setup Your Secret Benefits Profile

As stated before, you can’t really do anything on Secret Benefits before your profile is set up. There are some sites that allow you to browse the members and their profiles before you get signed up, but this is not one of them. You may look at this as a bad thing; however, you should think of the level of security that it offers to those who sign up.

Before you get started, note that the desired username that you indicate is final. There is no way for you to manually change it, so if you decide to choose a name like ultimatedouchebag64, be sure that this is the name that you want to stick with for the duration of your membership on the site.

There are two different ways to get the sign-up process started. When you go on to the homepage, there are two buttons which read “Male” and “Female,” you can select one to indicate your gender and get started. 

Alternatively, you can click on “Free Signup,” which also brings you to the form to enter your personal details after it has you select a gender. The form requests that you enter your email address, password, username, location, age, and ethnicity. After this, you are required to upload a profile photo, and with that, you are ready to go.

Is There a Secret Benefits App?

App development is something that has made many aspects of life easier and more convenient. The dating scene is one of these, as persons want to be able to use their favorite online dating platforms, such as Secret Benefits, from their mobile devices.

It’s not always about having something that is conducive to being on the go, but some persons simply prefer to do these things on the phone than on a PC. If you are looking for a traditional app experience, where you download one from your device’s app store, Secret Benefits does not provide this.

However, there is a highly mobile-optimized version of the site that you can access through any mobile browser. While the design is conducive to the smaller screen, all functionality is available on this version. The location part of it is managed by the GPS located within your device.

Real Secret Benefits Reviews from Members

If you want to get a feel of the user experience on any platform, reading the reviews of existing members can be a big help. Here are a couple of reviews that were written by current Secret Benefits users:

  • “As soon as I left college, I knew that I wanted to live the life of a sugar baby. I know my worth, and I believe that if I can’t afford the finer things in life, then I should be with someone who can allow me to have them. There are a couple of cool guys around my age, but they could never provide for me in the way that I need. I was not going to walk up to some random rich guy and ask him to take care of me, so I started exploring my online options and found Secret Benefits. There is no greater feeling in the world than simultaneously having my financial needs met by two sugar daddies.”
  • “At this point in my life, I accepted that finding a traditional relationship is something that is no more than a fairy tale. I found myself opening to the idea of taking care of a sugar baby, and I decided to take my search online. Secret Benefits was the fourth stop on that journey, and I wish it was the first. The woman that now occupies my home with me is more than I could ever have hoped for, and I am extremely thrilled.”

How Much Does Cost?

As stated before, there is no premium membership type available on Secret Benefits. The only payments that are made are for the credits that are used in starting conversations, viewing secret albums, and looking at hidden photos. 

There are three credit bundles available on the site, and they are as follows: 

  • 100 credits at $0.59 per credit, which is a total of $59
  • 500 credits at $0.34 per credit, which is a total of $169
  • 1000 credits at $0.29 per credit, which is a total of $289 

Secret Benefits Payment Details

You already know how much the credits cost, so the only question left is, “what methods can you use to pay for them?” Secret Benefits only accepts credit card payments, but you can use all recognized credit cards on the site.

Discretion is a big part of the process, which means that your statement doesn’t reveal that you are a member of the site. The transaction is described as “”

Secret Benefits Security Details

Secret Benefits wants to ensure that its members have nothing to worry about where security is concerned. Make sure to read the terms before signing up. The first and most important measure taken includes the implementation of SSL certificate security, which ensures that users can browse the site and complete transactions with no worry about information leaks.

The site also does not indulge in the sale or trade of the personal information that is provided by its users. 

FAQs for Secret Benefits

A site, such as Secret Benefits, is not the most traditional of them all. Therefore, persons tend to have various queries that surround the service that is being provided. During Secret Benefits’ existence, some queries have come up way more than others have, which has allowed for the compilation of a set of questions that are asked most frequently.

This section provides the answers to all these questions for those who may have any doubts in their mind. 

Who Owns Secret Benefits?

The site is not owned by a parent company, as it is an independent entity.

Is Secret Benefits Just Secret Prostitution?

Secret Benefits is not a farm of secret prostitution, as this would have some legal ramifications. 

How to Contact Secret Benefits?

You can begin by clicking the “Contact” tab, after which you can fill out the provided form with your concerns.  

Can Secret Benefits be Free?

The site uses a free model by default, and there are no premium memberships needed. Only sugar daddies need to pay for credits.

Is Secret Benefits Safe to Use?

Thanks to the security protocols observed, you can use Secret Benefits without any worry for your safety.    

Is Secret Benefits Legal?

Secret Benefits operates within the confines of the law, which means that there are no legal concerns.

Does Secret Benefits Verify Members’ Income?

This is not something that is done by default. However, members may opt into it and be rewarded with a verified badge.  

What Can Sugar Daddies Expect on Secret Benefits?

Sugar Daddies can expect a smooth flow and a large pool of attractive ladies to choose from. 

What Is the Average Allowance for a Sugar Baby on the Site?

While the site does not do allowances in the traditional sense, after being connected with sugar daddies, allowances can range from $1,000 to $5,000. 

Is Secret Benefits FREE for Sugar Babies?

Secret Benefits allocates free tier profiles upon creation. No spending is necessary except by sugar daddies who want to start conversations. Therefore, sugar babies can enjoy a free experience. 

Is Secret Benefits Legit?

With a strict policy against information sale or trade and the prohibition of the site’s use for illegal activities, Secret Benefits operates a legitimate website. You may also want to check our SugarDaddy and Established Men. All together, if this type of site is for you, you can’t go wrong here.


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