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Secret Benefits Review & Guide for 2023

Secret Benefits

If sugar dads and sugar babies are looking for a good option for a site that provides them with an open platform to find and learn about each other before they meet, then Secret Benefits is a solid choice. This is a complete SecretBenefits review, including a site overview, how it works, how to get signed up, user reviews, about the app, pricing, security considerations, and FAQs.

Secret Benefits Rating
Sugar Babies9.8
Sugar Daddies9.3
Arrangement Success9.6

What Is Secret Benefits?

secret benefits member named maria sending bikini selfie

SecretBenefits is an online sugar daddy dating platform that was exclusively for sugar dating. It provides a user-friendly environment where like-minded people can enjoy life and be with whoever they want to be. As of the moment, there have been millions of active users consisting of younger women and wealthy older men who visit the dating site and are trying their luck on sugar daddy & sugar baby dating. 

How Does Secret Benefits Work?

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Just like many dating sites online, you’re required to undergo a registration process that may involve photo verification as you create your account. Once finished, you may include your details, such as age, location, body type, height, hair color, gender, and whether you are/have smoking, drinking, piercings, or tattoos.

While it provides a no-charge membership, there are some premium membership perks you can get, such as some nifty communication tools offered right away, wherein you can chat and send messages, and access a secret album filled with secret photos or private photos of the person you like. To avail of these services, you must buy credits from the website.

My Secret Benefits Review

sugar baby jenn on secret benefits sending nude video

The dating platform doesn’t have anything that you wouldn’t find from other dating sites or sugar daddy sites. But having said that, fans of sugar daddy relationships will enjoy what this website has to offer. Younger women and older men may find its service very convenient as they’re given a platform to exchange messages with other members.

Buying credits on the website was quite reasonable and allows you to interact with more women. So for generous men who don’t mind spending cash, this won’t be a problem for sure. After three days of staying on this dating site, I must say that a sugar daddy and baby would be quite content with what they can discover upon using this sugar daddy dating site.

How to Setup Your Secret Benefits Profile

jenny from secret benefits sending naked video in bedroom.

While this sugar daddy dating site doesn’t charge, you cannot access it without first opening an account. you can click on “Free Signup,” which also brings you to the form to enter your details after it has you selected a gender.

There are two different ways to get the sign-up process started. When you go on to the homepage, there The form requests that you enter your email address, password, username, location, age, and ethnicity. After this, you are required to upload a profile photo, and with that, you are ready to go.

Are Sugar Daddies Allowed to have Multiple Sugar Babies?

The technical answer is yes, no regulation in the SB app prohibits sugar dads to date multiple younger women. However, you have to make sure that everything is clear with your sugar babes to avoid any miscommunication in the long run with your relationships.

Is There a Secret Benefits App?

Sadly, a dedicated mobile app for this sugar daddy dating site is still in the works. However, it has optimized its site for the mobile platform, which means you can enjoy this and still work on your sugar daddy relationships even on a smaller screen.

Real Secret Benefits Reviews from Members

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Here is a couple of sugar baby and sugar daddy testimonials regarding their experience with the sugar daddy dating site, SecretBenefits.

“As a sugar baby myself, I’m fond of generous men who support my personal life. Thankfully SecretBenefits allows me to have relationships with them any time I want.”

“If you’re a sugar daddy like yours truly, finding a girl to be with is tougher than you think. I’m happy that regardless of my age, I get to enjoy my life and explore the world, and be personal with these babes.”

How Much Does Cost?

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As stated before, there is no premium membership type available on Secret Benefits. The only payments that are made are for the credits that are used in starting conversations, viewing secret albums, and looking at hidden photos. 

There are three credit bundles available on the site, and they are as follows: 

  • 100 credits at $0.59 per credit, which is a total of $59
  • 500 credits at $0.34 per credit, which is a total of $169
  • 1000 credits at $0.29 per credit, which is a total of $289 

Secret Benefits Payment Details

SecretBenefits accepts credit card payments in the meantime. To protect your privacy, the transaction is labeled as “”

Secret Benefits Website Security Details

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Users need not worry about the safety of their info upon sign-up. SecretBenefits has everything covered with SSL certificate security and data encryption ensuring that there are no information leaks. You can read more about it on the terms page of the website.

FAQs for Secret Benefits

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Do you still need more info regarding Secret Benefits? This quick FAQ section will help you and cover everything you need to know about its service features.

Who Owns SecretBenefits?

The site is not owned by a parent company, as it is an independent entity.

Is Secret Benefits Just Secret Prostitution?

SecretBenefits is not a farm of secret prostitution, as this would have some legal ramifications. 

How to Contact Secret Benefits?

You can begin by clicking the “Contact” tab, after which you can fill out the provided form with your concerns.  

Can Secret Benefits be Free?

The site uses a no-charge model by default, and there are no premium memberships needed. Only sugar dads need to pay for credits.

Is Secret Benefits Safe to Use?

Thanks to the security protocols observed, you can use Secret Benefits without any worry for your safety.   

Is Secret Benefits Legal?

Secret Benefits operates within the confines of the law, which means that there are no legal concerns.

Do Secret Benefits Verify Members’ Income?

This is not something that is done by default. However, users may opt into it and be rewarded with a verified badge.  

What Can Sugar Daddies Expect on Secret Benefits?

Sugar dads can expect a smooth flow and a large pool of attractive ladies to choose from. 

What Is the Average Allowance for a Sugar Baby on the Site?

While the site does not do allowances in the traditional sense, after being connected with sugar dads, allowances can range from $1,000 to $5,000. 

Are Secret Benefits FREE for Sugar Babies?

Secret Benefits allocates no-charge tier profiles upon creation. No spending is necessary except for sugar daddies who want to start conversations. Therefore, sugar babies can enjoy a free experience. 

Is Secret Benefits Legit?

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With a strict policy against personal information sale or trade and the prohibition of the site’s use for illegal activities, Secret Benefits operates a legitimate website. You may also want to check our SugarDaddy and Established Men. Altogether, if Secret Benefits is for you, you can’t go wrong here.

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