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SugarDaddy Review & Guide for 2023


It’s time to dive into what SugarDaddy can offer you. Whether you are looking to get pampered, or you are looking for somebody to pamper, SugarDaddy has your back. This is a full review of the site, so no concerns are left unaddressed. It includes an overview, how the site works, the signup process, the cost of membership, security considerations, and questions that are frequently asked about the site.

SugarDaddy Rating
Sugar Babies9.6
Sugar Daddies8.2
Arrangement Success9.3

What Is SugarDaddy?

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SugarDaddy is a platform that was designed for people who are looking for a legitimate and efficient sugar daddy website. The site had another purpose which it served since 2004, but in 2017 it was rebranded into its current iteration.

The name of the service may seem very simple and uninspired, but this is one of the top dating sites in the sugar daddy arena. This is an impressive feat for a website that is much newer than the bulk of its competition. 

SugarDaddy uses location and preference-based filtering to help its members to find each other. Of course, the effectiveness of this depends on the completeness and accuracy of the information that is provided by members. 

Illegal activity is something that is a big no-no on the platform. The base of the site’s pages indicates SugarDaddy’s policy on such activities. It states that the site’s intended purpose is the help consenting adults to find the kind of companionship that they seek. Activities, such as escort services, sex trafficking, prostitution, etc., are strictly prohibited.

How Does Work?

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Now that you understand what the site is about better, it’s time to focus on how things work. First, you need to create an account, which is designed to be both a simple and intuitive process. There are some rules that apply when you are setting up your profile, and violation of these can lead to a profile deletion or a permanent ban.

SugarDaddy is determined to ensure that the profiles that exist on its site are legitimate and belong to real people. Therefore, there is an approval process that each new profile must go through, and the said process is a manual one. 

Once you are past the sign-up and verification process, it’s time to start interacting with the other members so you can find the “sugar” that you’re looking for. One of the most standard features in this regard is the quick search option that is provided on the site. Here, you can indicate a few requirements, such as the age and zip code of the people who you are looking for. Additionally, you can state that the profile needs to have a photo. 

The combination of the simple parameters and your profile preferences helps to steer you in the direction of the people you want. There is also an advanced search that you can use to make things a tad more detailed.

On your free account, you can complete the said searches, identify members who are currently online, see the distance between you and the said members, see the members who like you. and you can also block members who are giving you a hard time. 

Free accounts cannot engage in fluid communication with the instant messaging feature. However, people who have a special kind of premium account, which is discussed later, can be contacted by persons who are on the free tier.

My Review

sugardaddy submission from sugar baby member

Did you think I could provide an honest and in-depth guide without using the site myself? I’m big on dating sites, and this is especially true when it comes knocking with the opportunity for me to take advantage of my position of wealth, by dating a younger, attractive young lady, who is interested in financial security and mentorship.

So, let’s start with the aesthetic. I’d say that SugarDaddy treads on a nice line between being a simple and elegant website and having all the functionality that you need to get around. Remember that this is a website that is intended for use by all kinds of people of various ages. If it were not intuitive enough, I’d like to think that there would be a few problems. 

I was very surprised by the fact that I was able to browse and check out some of the existing members before I created an account. This was a good thing, and it goes to show the way in which the site is a non-restrictive one. I was also able to tell from the home page who the most popular members were under both the sugar baby and sugar daddy categories. 

Still, I obviously couldn’t get the definitive experience while browsing as a guest, so I decided to run through the signup process that the site has. I’m not sure how SugarDaddy manages to have a secure process that can be completed in less than five minutes, but that is exactly the case. I had to wait until the profile was approved though, but it didn’t feel like a needlessly long period of wait time. 

With my profile created, I could then check my dashboard. From here, I could view my profile, do searches, check my mail, show my favorites, view online members, check out my activity summary and make edits to my profile information. 

The free membership didn’t allow me to do anything, so, I got myself a diamond membership very quickly. the version of the membership that I got allowed me to engage in consistent conversation with persons on the free tier.

This is how I met the dream-bodied babe that’s sleeping beside me now.

How to Setup Your SugarDaddy Profile

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As stated before, the registration process that is required for you to be a part of SugarDaddy is a very simple one. Once you indicate that you’re ready to join, you’re provided with a form that requires some simple personal information.

You must indicate your desired username, your desired password, your email address, a mobile number, your gender, and your date of birth. Additionally, you must take a checkbox to indicate that you are on board with the site’s terms of use and privacy policy. You can click on the embedded links to view these before you accept the agreement. 

Once you have entered these details, you use an email that you receive to complete verification using a link that you are provided. After this, you wait for your profile to be approved, so you can move around freely. 

Note that you can log in and view your profile during your wait for approval, but there is a pinned alert message indicating the profile status, and you are prevented from accessing the site’s features.

Is There a SugarDaddy App?

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Mobile apps are becoming increasingly common as the world continues to venture further into the current technological age. Due to this, people are often concerned about the services that they use and whether an associated mobile app exists. 

SugarDaddy is no different, as members wish to know that they can access their favorite hookup site while they are on the go. This is the kind of convenience that a mobile-optimized system can offer users.

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated mobile app available for either iOS or Android where SugarDaddy is concerned. However, the site creators knew that this would be a problem, and so they put a tremendous effort into mobile optimizing the current website.

Therefore, while there isn’t a dedicated app, the experience that you get from using a mobile browser is not that different from having one. 

Real Reviews from Members

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One of the best ways to get a feel for a platform before using it is to check out reviews from existing members. Here are a couple of reviews from people who have experience with SugarDaddy:

  • “In all the years I spent building my estate, I never had the time to grow with a companion. After 40 years in, I felt as if that was the one piece of happiness that I was missing. I wanted someone to care for and share my wealth with, so both of us could be happy in enjoying the fruits of my labor. Therefore, I set up a SugarDaddy premium account to find such a person. I was impressed with a special young lady, and we’ve now been going steady for about six months.”
  • “I’ve always had pretty big plans and ideas. Unfortunately, a bartender’s salary did not allow me to save the kind of money that I needed. Thankfully, I stumbled across SugarDaddy, and met who I considered to be the man of my dreams. I no longer do bartending, and I have access to the capital that I need to get one of my biggest ideas going. 

Additionally, he teaches me well, as he has lots of experience in the world of business. He says that he wants me to be with him because I want to and not because I need to for dependence. Therefore, he has supported me in the establishment of my own venture, and I must say that I want him just as much as I wanted access to the opportunities that he could provide.”

How Much Does SugarDaddy Cost?

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By default, your SugarDaddy account is free. However, there are four premium membership types that you can choose from if you need to upgrade. Note that this is a combination of two different types of diamond and platinum memberships. The ones with full contact allow you to communicate with members who are on the free tier. The prices are: 

  • Diamond – $44.95 monthly
  • Platinum – $39.95 monthly
  • Diamond with full contact – $59.90 monthly
  • Platinum with full contact – $54.90 monthly Payment Details

SugarDaddy is invested in the security of its members as they enjoy their interactions. The site does not engage in the sale or trade of your personal information. Additionally, all your activity takes place on pages that are secured with SSL encryption, so no transactional information is leaked. 

The verification process described above also helps the system to ensure that all members are genuine people. 

SugarDaddy Security Details

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Now that you already know the prices that you need to deal with, the only information left surrounds the payment methods that you can use. First, you can pay with any major credit card that you choose. Alternatively, SugarDaddy allows you to make your payments using a cashier’s check or money order.

FAQs for

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There are certain platforms that are always likely to raise questions in the mind of potential and existing users. These questions have a wide range, and sometimes you may find that a single person has many of them. The good thing is that several of these questions are so frequently asked that they are the top contenders for queries that need a definitive response.

This section provides you with the said responses for SugarDaddy, so you can note all the questions below and be confident in the information that is provided.

Who Owns SugarDaddy?

SugarDaddy is owned by Madala Services LLC.

Is SugarDaddy Just Secret Prostitution?

The site is not a cover for secret prostitution. In fact, the site’s policy explicitly states that it is against illegal acts, such as prostitution. 

How to Contact

You can reach out to the site by using the “Contact” tab. After selecting your issue type, you are provided with a form to fill out for this purpose. 

Can SugarDaddy Be Free?

The default state of a created account is a free one. Payment is only required if you choose to upgrade. 

Is SugarDaddy Safe to Use?

Yes, SugarDaddy is safe to use. The combination of security policies and verification methods creates a secure environment. 

Is Legal?

The site operates within the confines of the law, so there is no worry for legal troubles. 

Does SugarDaddy Verify Members’ Income?

There is no default verification unless a diamond membership is required. For platinum members, they must opt into this. Members with a verified income are indicated with a profile badge. 

What Can Sugar Daddies Expect on

Sugar daddies are outnumbered on by sugar babies. Therefore, they can look forward to a pool of diversity. 

What is the Average Allowance for a Sugar Baby on the Site?

An allowance depends on the arrangement between the sugar and the sugar baby. However, sugar babies on the site tend to receive between $2,000 and $5,000 monthly as an allowance. 

Is SugarDaddy FREE for Sugar Babies?

Yes, the site is free for sugar babies, as the default membership tier is a free one. Thanks to full contact memberships, sugar babies can communicate with sugar daddies without ever needing to do a membership upgrade.

Is Legit?

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With the combination of its policy on illegal activities, the way it protects the security interests of its members, the verification process, and its lawful operation style, SugarDaddy is a legitimate dating site that you can use. You may also want to check out Established Men and Secret Benefits. You can go wrong with either.

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