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TNABoard Escort Guide for 2021 [Alternative Sites included]

To start things off simply, here’s an explanation of just what the hell TNABoard is. Before you ask, it doesn’t stand for “Titties ‘N’ Ass,” though that would be a fitting title for a site that’s involved in the business of bringing you closer to escorts.

What it does stand for is Truth in Advertising. That sounds a bit weird at first, but it does make sense when you start thinking about it. Is there any section of the internet that is more infamous for false advertising than that of sites that can get you sex?

Of course, there are many sites that do the job well. However, there are also numerous sites out there that just ooze the word scam.

TNABoard is a site that brings you several things, such as escorts, porn games, live sex cams, and sugar baby arrangements. The content on the site is simply amazing; however, things can get a bit tedious in the navigation department.

You see, TNABoard is organized less like a traditional escort site and more like a forum board. You could even imagine it as a midpoint between the two.

The posts are made and placed under categories, which are a bit different from the normal categories you’d see on escort sites. Normally, these sites are broken down into the various states.

Should you select a state, there’s a further breakdown by city, which allows for better pinpoint accuracy. However, the breakdown of TNABoard is a bit different. First, there are three major classifications, which are:

  • East
  • West
  • Central

Each of these has a set of states, which also have sub-categories. Those sub-categories are not cities, though. Instead, they are:

  • Provider posts
  • Fetish posts
  • LMA & LMS
  • Weekend posts
  • Reviews
  • Discussions
  • ISO

Of course, a bit of research may be needed on your part to understand what some of these things mean, but once you get the hang of it, there’s not that much of a problem.

You should note though that certain actions of the site prompt you for a login, so expect to sign up for the full experience.

Are Fuck Apps Alternative Sites to TNABoard?

Here’s a pretty good question to which the answer is yes. Why is that, you ask? Well, when you look past all the bells and whistles, all you want to do is fuck someone, right? That means it doesn’t matter if that person is an escort or not.

Once you find the person hot enough to fuck and you enjoy it, does the way you arranged the hookup matter? It doesn’t matter at all. Since fuck apps can land you the same kind of action, they make stellar alternatives.

Ashley Madison

Following AFF is the legendary Ashley Madison. Note that this isn’t a person, though there are bound to be a few people who have that name. Ashley Madison is the gold standard in fuck apps that are built for those who want to cheat.

If you’re married or in a committed relationship and you want to experience someone other than the same old person you’ve cemented yourself to, Ashley Madison is the place. If you want to have some fun with someone who is either married or in a relationship, Ashley Madison is the place.

This site is known as “the adultery site,” after all.

Adult Friend Finder

It’s time to kick things off with what is known as one of the most popular fuck apps in existence. Adult Friend Finder has been around for a long time, which has resulted in a polished experience and a massive and diverse user base.

Once you take the time to complete your profile and provide the necessary information, the matchmaking system handles the rest for you. One moment you could be home feeling lonely as hell, and the next, you’re fucking some random person you met on the fuck app.

It’s crazy how this site helps certain things to fall into place. Yes, that pun was very much intentional.


The next site on the list is a hybrid site in every sense. That’s because it’s a fuck app with a little versatility. If you wanted to, you could use WellHello as a traditional dating site. However, based on the article you’re reading, that’s not what you’re after.

Don’t worry as the site pulls no punches in allowing you to get some sweet and sexy fun with a stranger. The matchmaking algorithm does a great job of helping you find the type of person who can keep your sexual appetite satisfied.

All you need to do is hop in and allow yourself to be happy.


The final fuck app on the list is none other than little old FuckBook. This site is the definition of no bullshit. Do you know how you wish you could just casually fuck a stranger with no small talk? Well, here’s the fuck app that allows you to do that.

All the members understand that they’re just there to fuck, and they make no bones about it. There’s no fluff. Once people start chatting and don’t instantly hate each other, you’d best believe that it’s about to go down.

FuckBook is the stuff of legend, and that legend is one of speed.

The Signup Process and TNABoard Guide

As stated before, TNABoard has a mandatory signup process that you must go through to access certain things. There are even ad pictures that you can’t see without doing so.

Luckily, the signup process is not a tedious and annoying thing that makes you change your mind about using the site.

First, you put in your birthday. After that, you create a username, select an account type (hobbyist or advertiser), enter your e-mail address, and the password you desire.

Once you’re done with all that, then you can start to browse the profiles. They’re what you expect. There are pictures of the escorts, a description, and contact information. Most of these make no mention of the acts that they engage in, so be prepared to reach out for that information.

Who Uses Sites Like TNA Board?

It’s that time of the day again. Your craving is starting to act up. You don’t want anything to eat or drink unless it’s the skin and pubes of some sexually charged person you couldn’t wait to get your hands on.

You probably want the person to eat you up too, and then you can enjoy as you watch things get dark. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks. Do you even know anyone who is willing to go there with you?

What’s the point of even asking such a question? If you did, you wouldn’t be here glued to an escort guide. So, it looks like you’re being thrown a lifeline, because the scoop is here that can help you to get laid.

You can’t masturbate all the time, right? At some point, it’s bound to get a bit embarrassing. So, here’s a review of a little site called TNABoard. Of course, you can expect the whole breakdown of what it is and what else you need to know about it before diving in.

However, this is a good time to point out that there are other ways for you to get satisfied with an orgasm-inducing casual sexual experience. Have you ever heard of a fuck app? Well, even if you haven’t, you’re about to be introduced to four of them.

At the end of it all, you can start to weigh your options and decide which way you plan on getting in some well-needed action. Happy fuck hunting!

Is It Easy to Connect with Escorts on TNABoard?

Considering that the profiles tend to give you all the information you need to make contact, it’s very simple. In most cases, the advertisers provide an e-mail address; however, there are some who provide links to their website for you to make contact.

Will I Get Laid Using TNABoard?

As stated before, there is often no indication of how far an escort is willing to go, so you need to reach out to find out. However, the site has the kind of escort pool that you expect. Some of them don’t engage in sex, while others do. If you are looking to get laid, then it’s as good as done.

Is TNABoard Popular in the USA?

Based on the availability of locations, TNABoard seems only usable in the United States. There are no other areas in the world listed. Whenever you go to the site, there always seems to be at least 3000 active users roaming. That means the site is very popular.

Are the Profiles Real on TNABoard?

The site has a verification system that separates verified advertisers from unverified ones. Simply filter your results to see verified accounts only if you wish.

Is TNABoard Safe to Use?

TNABoard is a site that is protected by SSL encryption. This means that there’s an additional layer of safety for your information. Note also that the site does not engage in the sale or trade of your sacred information. Make sure to check out the rules and FAQ.

Other Comparable Sites To Check Out

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Comparable Site: Check out our review of Slixa

My Final Verdict

While TNABoard has a strange interface, the site has all the right content to get you in bed with an escort for the right price.

However, if you want a casual hookup that feels more genuine, you may want to consider one of the fuck apps. You can have sex with someone who is also interested in nothing but sex that way, similarly to TNABoard activity.


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