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UberHorny Review for 2023


If you’re feeling “UberHorny” and want to get off most conveniently, what do you do? You use the UberHorny website, of course! Let us guide you on what to expect about one of the hookup sites to make your dick wet with excitement.

Are you ready to find out more? Continue scrolling below to see if UberHorny membership and its online dating services are truly worth a try.

First, Why Use UberHorny?

uberhorny avn award

If you want a reliable option for your options on dating websites, you won’t go wrong with UberHorny. This award-winning website won the “Best Dating Website” title from the AVN Awards Show which shows that these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to creating dating sites that work for casual sex.

We don’t wanna sound like we’re patronizing UberHorny, but it is an incredible website, to begin with, because you can’t find a dating service platform quite like it. I’ve dedicated my entire life to reviewing dating apps, and I can guarantee you only two things as far as the UberHorny app is concerned:

The first guarantee is that there are no fake profiles. This is a big concern with these kinds of sites, as they mislead people using either paid or non-existent members to simulate real interest. It’s a refreshing sight to see when this practice is not evident on a hookup site.

The second guarantee is known as the Three-Month Guarantee. This one shows a level of confidence in the user base and the site’s algorithm. If you don’t find a single hookup within three months of having a paid three-month membership, you are given an additional three months for free!

What is UberHorny?

uberhorny logo

With over two million members across the world, UberHorny is a hookup site with a huge user base and is currently operated by Global Personals, LLC. It is one of the biggest such sites in the USA, as the country accounts for over 50 percent of registered members.

The site is geared towards a transparent and authentic hookup process that never leaves members feeling cheated or feeling like there is no value in being on the site.

Furthermore, the workflow of the site encourages quick hookups that are even possible based on location. The site has a lot of visual cues in its design to indicate its purpose and to help you as you search for your sexual fulfillment.

Note that you’re not allowed to see the members before creating your account, so this review is your only compass before your sign-up. Be that as it may, the information provided here is all you need to understand why UberHorny is one of the best in the business.

Is There a Group Chat in Uber Horny?

The dating platform not only offers video chat as part of its site features. You can also engage in UberHorny free features such as the Group Chat option. You can meet horny women in general, or if you want to be more precise, local horny girls in your area.

The group chats worldwide connect partners too from every background so that you can exchange photos and videos with fellow horny members, or enjoy no-strings-attached sex either virtually or in real life. Many users can join but it’s better to limit other users in your chat rooms so that you can control the quality and only get real users who are serious about what you want to do.

My Experience and UberHorny Review

members online on uberhorny

So here’s my UberHorny “legit” experience, if you may. I’ll say this right away: it’s not just A dating site. It’s a GREAT site. I thought I would be thrown off by the name thinking it’s trying too hard and that it’s just gonna be like most of the dating sites out there, but boy was I wrong.

As a man of a few words, I hate talking online. I minimize my interactions because I want swift action, and don’t intend on focusing much on communication. But using my UberHorny account felt different. It’s not unlike the hookup websites that I’ve used before.

As I start chatting, I felt great about interacting with other users. One thing I’ve noticed is that UberHorny members are generally nicer and you’ll feel a great connection especially with those girls who share the same interests as you do (especially inside the bedroom *wink*).

However, I noticed that to fully maximize UberHorny and appreciate it for what it truly can do, you must avail gold membership/paid membership. The good thing is it has a trial period to allow you to familiarize yourself with the paid member features, such as getting featured on the trending now page, unlocking advanced search filters, unlocking premium version of video chats, and the ability to have unlimited access to profile page views and upload photos. Those reasons alone are compelling enough to convince anyone to avail of the payment services of the website.

As for their customer support, sites like UberHorny restored my faith in an online service. Their teams assist users quite efficiently, should you have inquiries regarding your account settings, for example.

From Signing Up to Hooking Up on Uber Horny

signup page for uberhorny

There’s not much to say about the UberHorny registration process because it is surprisingly short compared to some of the other sluggers out there.

There are the regular fields for age, gender, and e-mail address to be filled out, and there is also a specification of who you are looking to hook up with.

Once you provide that information, you then confirm your e-mail address, which is the final step in your account creation process. As soon as you get in, you’re greeted with the site’s safety guarantee.

Get past the safety guarantee, and you’ve shown a spread of local members, which you can begin sending winks to for them to know that there’s a new sheriff in town.

From there, it’s just a matter of talking and finding your first hookup.

UberHorny Features, Can You Set Your Sexual Preferences?

feature icons

As an UberHorny member, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Swipe game – This works in the same manner as Tinder’s swiping feature.
  • Live stream viewing – Some members stream naughty live feeds, and you are made aware of who is doing so, and you can view them as they do.
  • Premium cams – You are redirected to a third-party site where you can watch professionals do their thing on camera.
  • Who’s cute – There are 50 different profiles daily for you to skip through and decide who you think is cute and who you don’t.
  • Photo Gallery – View photos from other members by paying credits. You can also earn by putting up your own photos and having other members view them.

Safety and Security

security shield

UberHorny places a level of emphasis on safety that is incredible, to say the least. Check out their privacy policy and FAQ page. Not only is the site encrypted, but there is the following safety guarantee:

  • No fake accounts
  • Support team to combat fraud
  • No info selling policy
  • No spam
  • Unsubscribe link is easy to use in e-mail
  • Keeping users satisfied for over 11 years

Who Uses UberHorny?

uberhorny search members page

UberHorny is for those people who are looking for a casual hookup without the fluff. Some people think small talk is awkward, while others hate it. UberHorny is aimed at both sets of people who want to just jump in and get to the good stuff.

There is no need to commit to anything, and you truly feel as if the site is empowering you to live in the sexy way you want with no worries.

Uber Horny Dating Site Pros and Cons

sexy girl laying down
  • High emphasis on security
  • A great and detailed search feature
  • Multiple membership options
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Lack of fake profiles
  • User support available
  • Trial version available for premium features
  • Great customer support team
  • Site design is crowded
  • Not much functionality on a free account
  • Limited billing options – you can’t use PayPal or other payment services other than your credit card

Customer Reviews of UberHorny

member on bed in underwear

A couple of UberHorny users left the following reviews after their experience with the site:

  • “This is the first hookup site I’ve ever tried that truly feels like there’s no bullshit. You just jump in, find people to chat with, and choose to hook up or not.”
  • “I’ve only been a member for a month and a half, and I’ve had two very easy and very memorable hookups so far. Need I say more?”
  • “I can’t believe I found a real woman here to sleep with. I still think I’m dreaming. She wasn’t a bot… Wow, UberHorny… Just wow!”
  • “The name “UberHorny” isn’t an exaggeration here. It’s what you’ll get from the users you meet here–something that I like about this site very much.”
  • “It’s seldom you see an app well-structured as UberHorny. Sure, there is still room for improvement, but it’s something that I was happy to use right after I created my account.”

Other Comparable Sites

Comparable Site: Check out our review of SnapFuck

Comparable Site: Check out our review of BangLocals

UberHorny Compared to Other Dating Sites

You may ask these questions, “Is UberHorny safe?” or “Will UberHorny accept me?” The answers to these are yesses! It’s one of those rare websites that’s not only inclusive when it comes to its user base, but also provides a safe space for people to enjoy and explore their sexual preferences, regardless of their age range, body type, or background.

Expect to find a mind-blowing lover to treat you right in bed. But let me be clear that this web page is not ideal for serious romance or relationships. No matter how hard you try to toggle your advanced search options, it’s gonna be challenging to find someone serious about commitment as most of the users here are only looking for a good time.

But one thing we can tell you is it’s very easy to use unlike other platforms and we believe it’s one of its greatest advantage among the others.

My Final Verdict

thumbs up to uberhorny

UberHorny is well designed, and it is very conducive to the objective it sets out to achieve. It is no-nonsense here, and the site is very committed to maintaining transparency. You wouldn’t find that much in most dating websites anywhere as their only goal is to earn money from ads or subscriptions. But things are different once you use the UH app. We never felt shortchanged using this and we loved the features it offers, both free and paid.

This is one of the best options you can find out there, assuming your only objective is to get it on with casual hookups. Once that sounds like you, UberHorny is highly recommended.

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