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USASexGuide Escort Review for 2021! [Alternative Sites included]

USASexGuide is a sex roadmap that covers the entirety of the United States. Now, that’s a weird thing to hear, but it is surprisingly helpful in any pursuit of casual sex. All the information that is provided in the forums is generated by registered users.

The cool thing is that the USA Sex Guide community never feels like a collection of trolls. It feels like there’s a group of people who genuinely want to look out for each other and choose to do so by sharing vital information. After all, the way an escort works can make or break your experience.

It’s nice to know that there’s a system that can prepare you for what to expect before you agree to anything.

The information in the USASexGuide forum is well-organized and indexed, which helps people who are searching to find what they’re after easily. The top-level of organization is state-based. Each state then has a sub-level of organization that tends to be based on the cities in that state.

In each city, there are various threads that span a defined set of topics. These include:

  • Streetwalker reports
  • Massage parlor reports
  • Escort reports
  • Strip club reports
  • Adult search advertiser reviews.

There are many more that are all well populated by the active community. Of course, there is a section that consists of ads that are posted by escorts.

Are Hookup Apps Alternative Sites to USASexGuide?

This question depends on the reason for your visit to USASexGuide. Obviously, hookup apps don’t have a bunch of people pouring valuable information into a system for review. However, you may not need that since the experience talking to a hookup app member is a little more organic than talking to an escort.

Apart from that, if you are simply looking for someone to have some casual fun with, then dive into a sex app, and get your freak on with another of the horny members who are waiting for you.

A hookup app doesn’t need to perform like an encyclopedia to ensure you hookup with someone.

Ashley Madison

Here’s your introduction to Ashley Madison. This website has been given the name “the adultery site” by many who have seen how successful it has been in meeting the needs of its members.

Based on the target user, Ashley Madison is a cheating website. It allows people to search for and fuck committed people and vice versa. Committed people are not just those who are in relationships. Married persons also make up a part of the crowd.

Many privacy features are included to protect the identity of the members. One of these features also prevents people in your immediate surroundings from seeing you using the site.


WellHello is the second hookup app on the list. It’s loved by its users because they get to come out of their shells. Many people in the world have sexual tendencies that many describe as being weird and out of place.

However, if the practices are not wrong or hurting anyone, then what’s the big problem. WellHello is the platform that affirms that there is no problem. It’s a safe space that allows people with similar interests to meet and fuck as they want to.

The inclusivity expands to sexuality too, as the LGBT population can express what they like with all the bells and whistles.


FuckBook is the next entry here, and it’s all you can expect in a traditional hookup site. This is not one for those who want to find their happily ever after. However, if your happily ever after is lots of casual sex, then go right ahead.

This app has a messenger feature that is identical to the one that you can find on Facebook. Another standout feature of FuckBook is its matchmaking algorithm. Using the various pieces of information in profiles, it assesses which members are the best fit for each other.

This results in both users being exposed to each other, which could be the beginning of a very sweaty encounter.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the final hookup app on this list, but it is very much on the same level as the others. In fact, if you’re not big on small talk, then this may be the perfect site for you.

The Adult Friend Finder workflow is based on a quick arrangement of hookups with people who are in proximity to each other. After all, you’re more likely to head to someone who is two miles away than someone who is 200 miles away.

Adult Friend Finder has a very diverse and very large user base. Why not make all this variety the spice of your life?

The Signup Process and Browsing Profiles on USASexGuide

The first point to note that if you’re just on the side to look around, then there is no associated signup process. This is reserved for people who are posting ads or those who wish to contribute to the many forums that are hosted on the site.

Should you choose to sign up, you must select a user registration type as a forum or escort user. Next, you are required to select a username, password, and enter your e-mail address.

You can then select your time zone and agree to the USASexGuide rules. The site can feel a bit on the cluttered side of things, so you may have a little trouble getting to the escort ads.

Once you do, though, then it all becomes a breeze again. Make sure to first read the FAQs. All you need to do is find a listing that interests you and call the number associated.

Who Uses Sites Like USA Sex Guide?

Sometimes the best thing you can do to release your pent-up sexual energy, is to call an escort over and get some pleasurable help. Before doing this, though, you probably want to verify that the escort you’re considering is worth your time.

Sometimes, you’re headed out of town, and you want to plan your itinerary in every way. That itinerary includes your sex time, so you need to know where to look for escorts at your destination and who are the best ones to go to bed with.

Whatever the case may be, the fact is that you need to have certain information at your fingertips before you decide that you’re getting it on with anyone.

The normal thing for many people to do is head to any escort site. While you can find escorts on those sites, you can’t always get the kind of insight you want on them. This is where USASexGuide comes into the picture as one alternative. Apart from just your regular listings and reviews, there is a community-driven forum filled with information.

This information is arranged by location and topic, and it helps you to know which escorts to jump at and which ones you need to avoid.

Another alternative is to consider using hookup apps, which can also lead to a fun casual sexual encounter. At least if you go that way, it’s not just a job for the other person. Imagine the pleasure when you’re both into what’s happening.

This article is a two-layered review. USASexGuide is discussed, and so are fuck apps. That way, you can decide what you want from an informed standpoint.

Is It Easy to Connect with Escorts on USA Sex Guide?

It is easy to connect to escorts on the site once you get to the listings. At that point, all you need to do is pick out the add that interests you and use the communication channel(s) provided by the escort to reach out.

Will I Get Laid Using USASexGuide?

Once you choose to use the services of an escort that has no issue with having sex, then you’re as good as laid. This is the reason that it’s important to reach out to the escort prior to setting an appointment to understand what is off the table.

Don’t worry, though, because having sex is a common theme among many of the escorts on the site, so the willingness exists.

Is USASexGuide Popular in the USA?

Based on the overwhelming forum community size and support, it’s not even an assumption that the site popular in the US. That can be considered a fact. Many people who fall into different categories are all a part of this collective unit that shows no signs of slowing down.

Are the Profiles Real on USASexGuide?

Based on the signup process, the profiles on the site are legit. Also, if they weren’t, forum members in their zone would ensure that those profiles were taken off the site.

Is USASexGuide Safe to Use?

The verification process weeds out fake accounts from the get-go.  You should also note that none of the information you put in is resold. The passionate community also helps with day-to-day regulation by reporting suspicious activity.

Other Comparable Sites To Check Out

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My Final Verdict

While USASexGuide is an amazing site, one can’t deny the smoother and more intuitive experience that comes with the use of fuck apps. Consider trying out the ones that were listed above. Who knows? It could be your best hookup yet.


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