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WetHunt Review for 2023

Hooking up has now become easier than ever, all thanks to the use of WeHunt App . With innumerable options quickly accessible to users in the guise of dating apps, people now have the power to explore sex in a way that never was before—all thanks to technology.

Now, people can meet anyone virtually and go at each other through the wonders of cybersex. Most guys use this to fulfil their sexual fantasies right at the comfort of their living rooms, as they explore locals in whichever destination they choose.

If you want to get naughty with someone from the United States or Great Britain, you’re most likely to do so thanks to hookup apps. In fact, online dating has ramped up 82% in the past year due to the ongoing pandemic and would probably see that trajectory moving forward.

As we search for the best sites to get your quick hookup fix, we have now come to focus on WetHunt. Read on below to see how it fares well with the big names and what it can offer you for your virtual hookup experience.

What is WetHunt?  

members from wethunt kissing passionately on a bed

WetHunt is an adult dating service with a simple sign-up process, free chatting, and advanced features. Digital International Inc., the firm behind Spdate, another casual dating service, developed the dating platform.

It has been running for two years since its inception in 2019 and welcomes all kinds of people. Straight, gay, lesbian or trans are welcome to this site. When on the website, you can easily chat with anyone you like. However, guys dominate this site in the hopes of chatting with a hot lady friend to join them for some quality fun.

With its lifetime free membership offering, users can enjoy its perks and have exclusive access to all its special features and subscriptions linked to their website and newsletter.

First, Why Use WetHunt?

When you want to have some sexual fun with individuals in your area who share mutual feelings of lust and heart-pounding sex, WetHunt is the site to go to. It also helps that the site is set up to facilitate a brief conversation and connection.

The overall vibe is relaxed, and it’s clear that everyone on the site is seeking some quality time under the sheets. No one is embarrassed about their wants and is vocal about their expectations. It also means that no one is going to waste your time with ceremonial chit chat. What’s left is for both of you to dive into action.

There isn’t a better way to meet someone to sleep with who could be your next-door neighbor. Who knows? That cute girl just across your door might be your next fuck buddy.

My Experience and WetHunt Review

a woman and a man wethunt member doing foreplay on a bed

I won’t deny that we’ve made a lot of progress in this world, especially in gender equality. Regardless, there are still some significant double standards that are a concern for us.

One prominent example is sex, which is unjust since a woman should be free to enjoy sex in any manner she thinks fit without being judged. Not every woman is destined to be a miserable housewife who pursues her “dream” of settling down and marrying.

Some women are interested in finding out what’s out there and experience life in the fast lane as well. Unfortunately, this is not met positively by society thinking that they are whorish and immoral.

Men, on the other hand, do the same thing without suffering the same consequences. I’m not arguing that no one is correct, but the degree of contempt directed towards women is far higher.

The good thing with WetHunt is it allows everyone to be in their skin and enjoy sex in whichever way they’d like. No one would judge you as the app is an open platform for getting comfortable with your sexual journey. So, if you’re a lesbian or perhaps a gender-fluid guy or gal who likes to get the best of both worlds, this dating app is something that you should explore.

Chatting with different personalities within WetHunt is also a delight. You get to find someone who shares the same interests as you do. And while some aren’t as nice as you’d think or probably someone you’d butt heads with, it still wouldn’t ruin your time when using the app.

Furthermore, WetHunt is more than just a sexting app. It gives you a well-rounded experience as there are many features you may discover while on the platform.

From Signing Up to Hooking Up on WetHunt

wethunt signup page

What people would like most with WetHunt is its hidden nature. For people who want to remain anonymous and don’t want to involve their data when checking out fuck apps such as this, this is a dream come true. Signing up here is easy as one, two, three.

As for staying logged in, the site makes it easy and does away with the complexities of letting you log in and out. If you’re someone who has no intention of staying longer here and would only use this once or twice when the urge arises, this is perfectly convenient for you.

You can delete your account when you’re done for the day—no unnecessary commitment needed, free from any complications.

Once there, you can freely message anyone thanks to the free chat option in WetHunt. You can get someone’s attention via the “discovery feature”, where you can show your interest to someone by sending a ‘like’ or clicking on the heart icon on their profile. Once they’re notified and respond, you can start chatting and then plan the fucking right away—straight to the point, no funny business.

WetHunt Features

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Here are just some of the features that you can get upon signing up to WetHunt:

Quick and easy registration – Signing can be done in a jiffy without any need for email verification. You don’t even need to put on a perfect password if you’re just after an anonymous encounter.

Free messaging – No additional fees are needed to message anyone within the platform.

Photo uploading – Wanna send some tasteful nudes to your chat mate? That’s possible within your chatbox. You can also upload up to 20 photos on your profile.

Top Users Feature – you can visit members’ profiles and browse the “top users” list or the trending profiles within the app.

Web optimized – Although WetHunt doesn’t have an official mobile app yet, it has a mobile web version compatible with the most used web browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. You can rest assured that no matter which platform you choose, the app is just within reach.

Discovery Feature – If you want to get someone’s attention, you can quickly send a like, and they’ll be notified right away.

Who Uses WetHunt?

WetHunt is a male-dominated platform with over 76% male and 24% female users. Most members here are up for short-term relationships or flings and are mostly on the prowl for NSA or dirty chats.

Over a hundred thousand members online frequent the app every week, so it wouldn’t be hard for you to find someone to chat and talk with during your time spent inside WetHunt. Most of WetHunt’s population is in the older demographic. But as with many apps, you’re still more likely to find a different set of users to interact with, especially if you’re just after chats or cyber sex.

Pros and Cons of WetHunt

wethunt member with no shirt kissing a woman

Are you considering using WetHunt on your next hookup sessions? Here are things that you should consider before jumping right in that might make or break your experience.


–       Mobile-friendly layout

–       Compatible with most browsers

–       Free messaging service

–       Photo upload function

–       Fast and easy registration

–       Great for hookups and sexting


–       Log in/out option not available

–       Social media linking not available

–       Searching not available

–       Tons of ads

–       No available app

Other WetHunt Customer Reviews

wethunt member enjoying a woman on top of him on a bed

If you want to know whether WetHunt is the right one for you, check out what users have in mind with their time using the app:

–       “Pretty straightforward experience. I liked it because it connects you to girls who are close to your area within a 3-mile radius. If a girl is just 15 to 20 minutes away, that’s great.”

–       “I didn’t have any problems signing up and using the platform from the get-go. If it’s some hot and horny girls you’re after, this app is going to be your best friend. Highly recommended! Time to go hunt some wet and hungry chicas.”

–       “For someone who hates small talk, I appreciate how everyone is upfront about what they want. If it’s some fucking that they want, it’s what they’ll get!”

Safety and Security

safety icon for website approval

You need to know whether your information is secure when you share your personal information to the Internet in an online hookup world where there seems to be a limitless void of scammers and cash grabs.

WetHunt is one of the safest sites to join up and do business since all information is kept safe and encrypted. Make sure you read the site’s terms of service and privacy policies. Your information will not be sold or traded since this is against the site’s policy.

My Final Verdict

thumbs up to friendfinder-x

With the current limitations that we have due to the ongoing global pandemic, it seems that dating apps are here to stay. Virtual dating is the new normal and would remain one as we wait for the pandemic to simmer down.

WetHunt is perfect if you’re after something that’s safe and non-committal and is perfect for nights when you’re itching to be naughty at home. It’s also a great way to meet new people to paint the town red and fill you up without breaking the bank.

Does this sound convincing? Give it a try and sign up now!

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