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WhatsApp Sexting Guide for 2023 [Guaranteed Success]

It’s estimated that about 2 billion people use WhatsApp abroad. When it comes to sexting, that’s about 2 billion possibilities of having fun online whether with a friend or a random stranger from websites such as AdultFriendFinder or BeNaughty. We believe that WhatsApp is an untapped market that shows great potential.

Here’s how you can make the most out of your WhatsApp sexting experience. Continue reading to find out more. But first, you might raise your stakes in getting laid when you check the top 3 casual hookup apps we’ve posted right below.

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Our Full Guide to Whatsapp Sexting Messages

a woman using whatsapp to sext with other male contact

Ever wonder how WhatsApp can work to your advantage when it comes to a relationship, dating, or just pure sexting? Let’s take it slow and go through each pointer one by one.

What is Whatsapp?

a woman who is using her phone is sexting in whatsapp

WhatsApp is one of the most common chatting or messaging apps that’s available across all platforms. Through this messaging app, you can join group conversations, and send messages and videos using your phone no matter your location.

Setting Up Your Profile

It’s easy to create a profile in this chatting app. Just upload a photo using your phone or laptop, add your name, and write a brief summary about yourself in the bio section. The experience is very similar to dating or hookup apps.

Picking a Good Profile Picture

whatsapp web version profile edit section

Choosing the best photo for your profile doesn’t involve rocket science. For as long as you know the best angle when taking selfies, you’re good to go. While others go to the filter route in improving their photo, nothing beats the au natural treatment.

Creating Your Whatsapp Bio

When drafting the perfect bio for your profile, you must first have a solid idea of how you’re going to sell yourself. You should make potential partners and friends aware of what they’re getting when they contact or get into a conversation with you for the first time.

Start by posting something that’s funny yet smart—but don’t overdo it! Female users can easily detect if someone’s pulling their leg or just making stuff up.

Your Whatsapp Status

Your WhatsApp status operates the same way as Snapchat does with its stories. You can upload photos with captions and stickers to make it extra fun for your viewers. Just tap on the My Status button to access the feature. Once there, tap the big circle to capture photos or hold it for a few seconds to record videos.

It’s a great way to update yourself for your new female friends on the site or update people from your private contacts on what you’re up to.

Joining Whatsapp Groups

You can join group conversations for a more immersive experience. You can send messages to a group of many members in the app or desktop site and have a fun chat with girls or older women, same like with Chatrandom. You can even get read receipts or notifications, and get a screenshot of your conversation. It’s just one of the many features that WhatsApp offers.

How to Chat with Girls in Whatsapp Groups

a man removes the panty of a woman he met from whatsapp and is about to have sex with her

You can send messages to many girls in a group, shoot a video of you playing with your junk or take a tasty photo of yourself peddling your wares (sounds good, right?). But of course, in assessing the dynamic of the group, you have to read the room first. You have to get a feel of the people first and check their mood before dropping a conversation or trying to talk to someone in particular.

Direct 1-on-1 Sexting with a Girl on Whatsapp

If you think that it’s limiting to what you can do when you talk to a group convo, then it’s about time to move along to something more intimate. Of course, it has to be done properly. You have to first establish a conversation even before you create a solo chatting session with a girl. Think of it as your gateway to a more personal chatting experience through a direct message.

Opening Line

First thing first: Do away with the cheesy pick-up lines (and we don’t need to drop an example because we’re sure you’re well aware of what those cringy lines are). For as long you have wit, you’re honest, and you make the message sound fun and engaging, you’ll surely keep the attention of the girl you are trying to impress.

Good Sexting Lines on Whatsapp

Just like your opening line. You would still want it to sound in good taste. It must have the right balance of sleaziness and sexiness. In short, it sounds so wrong that it feels so right, (if you get our drift.) While there’s no correct way of sending a good sexting line, it helps to know the girl you are talking to specifically, to have an idea of what she likes and what she’ll respond to.

Using GIFs and Emojis

Unlike Snapchat sexting, you get to do more with WhatsApp. GIFs and emojis are the perfect way to show your wit and creativity in sending the aptest GIF or emoji that expresses what you feel at that moment.

Should I Ever Delete Messages?

It’s really up to you if you want your messages saved. There’s no correct way to do so. But for data privacy, others resort to saving a message. Others would even import their messages from their phones to keep track of the messages they’ve shared. However, if you want to keep your identity, especially when you create a chat that’s filled with naughty stuff, then deleting it might be the most practical thing to do.

Why Sext on Whatsapp?

a naked woman who is holding her phone is sexting on whatsapp on her bed

Whatsapp sexting brings the best of both worlds that other free sexting apps don’t have. And besides, as you discover the entire app, you’ll find that there are plenty of features that you cannot see in other apps and escort sites.

WhatsApp has the option to allow you to read receipts or hide read receipts to protect your identity even further. It also has data encryption safeguarding your messages even more.

Can I Use Whatsapp for Sex?

While others prefer Snapchat (because of snapchat nudes) and even Viber, or even Telegram when it comes to sexting. You’ll be surprised to know that WhatsApp isn’t far behind the main ones as far as hooking up virtually is involved.

The app has plenty of features you can discover that minimize your risk of exposing your data, unlike other sketchy online sex chat platforms. Sending nudes and fun sex videos in the app is just a joy to experience.

Women can also appreciate the simplicity of using the app the moment they install it, whether it’s just for meeting new friends or finding a new sexting buddy. Its no-frills setup means you can jump right into business, stat!

Final Notes Before Whatsapp Sexting

a blonde naked woman from whatsapp is laying on the bed and only wearing her white g string underwear

Once you’re able to install WhatsApp and take it out for a test, there are things you have to consider, if ever you want to make the most out of it. Here are some of our trusted tips just for you.

Be Confident

We’ve often heard time and time again that confidence is sexy but with good reason. Being confident in your words and how you present yourself makes you more attractive and desirable to anyone, as long as you don’t go too much and find the right balance.

Believe in Yourself

You’ve got this! You come this far on the list, and nothing should slow you down! She’s just waiting for you to make a move. Most of the time your hunch is right, “She’s into you but she wants you to take some cues!” Trust yourself because you definitely can talk to her.

Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection

Let’s say, she’s not really into you and she deleted your convo. You have to accept the fact that not everyone will like you. And when that happens, regardless of their gender, you just have to soldier on and take it like a good sport. Enjoy and take it easy!

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